On the first day of the Email Insider Summit, we already saw some great tweets and insights coming by. As expected, because what happens if you mix top Brands, a list of ESP’s emailmarketeers and put them together in the snow? The Email Insider Summit. So lets see what where the top tweets of day 2:

Interesting… when marketers do channel planning, email is almost completely absent from the process. #mpeis

@MikeBloxham People buy from us, but we don’t sell as much as we used to. Instead, we’re influencing/empowering our customers.

@kristinhersant People use email 1/3 of their working day and it doesn’t drop off around lunch time. #mpeis

@ogilvydigital: Mike Bloxham: TV is most primitive screen we have; this will change in next 2-3 years. #mpeis

@kristinhersant: TV is still the 800lb. gorilla. It drives multi-channel communication and word of mouth. #mpeis

@martinlieberman Effective list building comes down to good listening: How do your customers want to hear from you? #MPEIS

@joelbook: Keynoting #MPEIS, Tony Bombacino of restaurant.com, says email is “the digital glue” that connects brands with customers. 100% spot on!

@martinlieberman Use the “Groundhog Day” Theory of Marketing: Learn something new about your customer each time and use it to make them love you. #MPEIS

@csmarriott People don’t always want to be marketed to. But as a marketer, you need to be ready for when they do.  #MPEIS

@martinlieberman Think messaging, relationships, and ROI. Not email. Email is simply a means of delivery. (via @MikeBloxham) #MPEIS

@kristinhersant BabyCenter: Focus on the message… not the acquisition number. #mpeis

@kristinhersant The basics of Internet marketing may not be apparent to the rest of your company. Educate internally and be transparent. #mpeis

@ogilvydigital: Andy Nelson: email works for “special events” where content is ever-changing. Email drives over 40% of traffic. #mpeis

@ryanpphelan and on the trays. @emergenc uses it very effectively RT @andrewkordek: they also do acquisition on napkins on the plane #mpeis

@ogilvydigital Jeanne Jones: “Send less but bring in more- this year we are sending 7% less email but bringing in 8% more.” Smart. #mpeis

@tabsharani Alaska Airlines: Email subscribers spend 4x more than those who have not opted-in…#mpeis

@ogilvydigital Diana Lawson: use email to impact satisfaction with product beta. Upsell revenues on par with best promos in past. #mpeis

@andrewkordek: I love SMS as an acquisition source…its uber easy and people should really consider it #mpeis


@JViscarolasaga 1% of people on the social web are contributing their own content, 9% are retweeting, the other 90% are voyers #mpeis

@csmarriott People don’t share ads. They read and share things that interest them. #MPEIS

@paololenotti Let’s face it: B2C email is dead, unless it starts interacting seriously with other channels. #mpeis

@MikeBloxham We’re social animals, hard-wired to communicate. The only thing that’s changed is the way we do it. #MPEIS

@kristinhersant Leveraging your greatest advocates is always the best route with email/social integration. #mpeis

@LorenMcDonald Email optin subscribers via S2S were highest performing – via Alyssa Opella #MPEIS

@kristinhersant Develop a social strategy that’s specific to each outlet. Be sensitive to how consumers use each site. #mpeis

@ogilvydigital Jared Blank: at most companies, we’re all still figuring social out. It’s still new. #mpeis

Reputation and Deliverability

@andrewkordek having your ESP be in charge of your deliverability only is like the fox watching the henhouse #mpeis

@andrewkordek: sorry folks…you CANNOT rely solely on your ESP for email deliverability #mpeis You need to worry about that as well

@martinlieberman Engagement for marketers and ISPs is different. ISPs want to know if someone wants an email in their inbox. #MPEIS

@martinlieberman Once an ISP starts blocking and monitoring emails, how the ESP reacts is very important to reputation. #MPEIS

@martinlieberman ISP decisions not arbitrary: “We think something is spam for a reason. It’s because our users have said it’s spam.” #MPEIS

@bwestnedge Rep drivers are fairly consistent, but ISPs adapt due to changing attack vectors-will publish changes on postmaster pages, however #mpeis

@martinlieberman Relevance is important to ISPs too. Declaring something a month old as spam won’t be weighted as heavily. #MPEIS

Great Quotes

@LorenMcDonald Have heard the term “blast” multiple times at #MPEIS – campaign to end use of “blast” is apparently a #FAIL so far #emailmarketing

@mdavidfavero Made me laugh: Jared Blank says “When you get grief from the top, just respond to CMO that it is ‘Just a Test’ #mpeis

@dkrier Snowmobiling sure beats an afternoon spent at the office.

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