What happens when you put a lot of emailmarketeers, ESPs, some top Brands and a list of  other smart people together? The Email Insider Summit is a three day emailmarketing event with all the bells and whistles. So lets see whats where the top tweets of these days:

Automation and timing

@kristinhersant “Killing the Launch Button” means moving your programs completely to automation. No more batch and blast!

@kristinhersant “Best in Class brands optimize email by Subscription, Value, Presentation and Trust. #mpeis”

@martinlieberman Top 3 reasons to people want to receive email: Transaction confirmation; customer service; offers and discounts #MPEIS

@kristinhersant Your promotions are #3 on the subscribers priority list. Why are you still focused on batch promotions? #mpeis

@tabsharani Automation brings in $13 per email vs. $.60 per email for batch and blast. #mpeis

@ogilvydigital Ryan Sagan: focus on “right-time” campaigns to maximize ROI. #MPEIS

@ogilvydigital “Right-time” campaigns are triggered/event based. #MPEIS

@kristinhersant It’s not just appropriate for travel. There’s a right time for everything. @rdeutsch #mpeis

@kristinhersant IHG runs all order confirmations across all brands off of one template. Reduced time to customer by 80%. #mpeis


@retailemailblog: “Mobile is reviving this concept of less is more” with email design. -Len Shneyder of Unica #mpeis

@DtBoyd: More people (globally) have cell phones than toothbrushes. At least the UN thinks so. #mpeis

@joelbook: Marketing is becoming “hyper-local” according to
@tonybombacino of and email is #1 for local messaging. Great #MPEIS keynote!

Preferences and relationships

@mdavidfavero: Tony Bombacino: How do we evolve from All or Nothing to All or Something? Opt-Down Strategy. #mpeis

@kristinhersant: Life relationships aren’t all or nothing. Email relationships shouldn’t be either. #mpeis

@martinlieberman: Important to give customers more choices. For example, let them “opt down” instead of “opt out.”

@LenShneyder: #mpeis use every bit of data you can, preferences, demographics, buying behavior, purchasr/non-purchaser, everything.

Great Quotes

@rdeutsch: “There’s no marketing cure for sucking at what you do.” Great line from @mschmulen #MPEIS

@theemailguide “Just won a prize from StrongMail for admitting that we batch and blast. Not sure what’s worse admitting it or being rewarded for it #mpeis”

@mostew: “Stay grounded. Things are always changing. It will continue to change” – T Bombacino #mpeis


@ogilvydigital: Chad White: 26% of top retailers include SWYN links in email (as of aug 2010). That’s going to go up next year.


@ogilvydigital: Justine Jordan: design is about usability more than “pretty” – make your emails usable across devices.

More insight from the second day of the Summit can be found here.