value of email marketingIf every email message you sent would cost 5 euro, quality would go up. At least that’s what you would expect. Email marketers have discussed it before.

Creating excellent email isn’t free or cheap. Getting exceptional results from your email marketing efforts isn’t easy. It takes hard word to create quality and that is quite an investment. But would a higher price per email really improve the value of email marketing messages ?

Email marketing value boosters

Think about it… What would you do if send each email would cost a multitude of what it does now? Here are some thoughts:
+ Send email less frequent
+ Clean up your email list, remove inactive addresses
+ Take more care in testing and optimization
+ Select narrower segments
+ Enrich profiles, get more data on your current subscribers
+ Not focus too much on list size growth, but more on list quality
+ Selecting your email marketing software would be less about price
+ Maybe you’d do a follow up call to ask if they received your email?

But how much does it cost right now?

Maybe we are forgetting that a big part of email marketing to 3rd party lists and advertorials etc, cost a pretty penny already. And if we divide all the cost of the email marketing program, instead of only looking at the cost per thousand email sent (cpm) there would be a whole other picture already.  Following the cost more = higher value argument, you should think that those mails would be of better quality….

I leave you to marinade on that thought, but please post a comment