These Trends show the Future and Evolution of Email Marketing

These Trends show the Future and Evolution of Email Marketing

In the quickly-evolving world a lot has changed in the way brands and consumers communicate. Email marketing is known to be a trusted and versatile marketing channel.

What will the future for marketers that use the email channel? We can already spot the trends that hold the key to the evolution of email marketing.

The future of email marketing and the email marketing eco system

What can we expect to see in the Future of email marketing? A panel of email marketing experts share their thoughts about the trends in email marketing software eco-system and ESP functions. These include predictive analytics, big data transparency, contextualized content and other new features in email marketing software.
Read: The future of email marketing and the email marketing eco system

What email marketing will look like in 5 years

Several email marketing chip in with bite sized ideas about the inbox of the future, email marketing trends and where it will be just beyond the foreseeable future. Have a great one yourself? Leave your comments below or connect or on twitter @jvanrijn / #emailin5years.
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The Five Email Marketing Trends to Anticipate (video)

In this webinar David Daniels and Chris Marriott talk about the five email marketing trends that matter for the coming year. David shows survey data to illustrate marketer’s top priorities and which tactics are driving marketing success. Both an outlook and prescriptive advice on which strategies to embrace.
Watch: The Future of Email Marketing: Five Trends to Anticipate (video)

Four innovations that will shape the future of email marketing

Based on research by econsultance, Bola Awoniyi identifies 4 innovations in email that wil shape how the channel is used. A fully personalised, completely integrated key to cross-channel marketing where automated email campaigns will drive a majority of all messages.
Read: Four innovations that will shape the future of email marketing

Business News Daily spoke with marketing experts Jason Warnock, Len Shneyder, Dela Quist, Seamas Egan and Chris Penn to discover what trends are shaping the future of the industry. They shared five ways email marketing will evolve in the coming years.
Read: Better Data and Personalization Are the Future of Email Marketing

22 Digital Marketing techniques that demand attention in 2014

Reviewing the relevance of marketing innovations should be a year-round activity, making a plan for the most commercially impactful marketing techniques is even more important. Dave Chaffey reviews the top digital marketing trends and most significant innovations that demand your attention. – very interesting post.
Read: 22 Digital Marketing techniques that demand attention in 2014

Some digital marketing developments just won’t put a dent into your online marketing success anytime soon. So it is time to look into which themes to discard. A panel of digital marketing experts gives their biggest UNpredictions for 2014.
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7 super exciting predictions for boring old email marketing in 2014

Parry Malm looks at the most boringly lucrative of online channels: email marketing. Custom audiences, marketing automation that sucks and dropping the ‘responsive part’ of responsive email. Plus a bonus rant: email will still not be sexy.
Read: 7 super exciting predictions for boring old email marketing in 2014

Predicting the Future of Email Marketing

“More engagement, more revenue” is the positive prediction by John Hayes. He, Harry Kaplowitz, Jason Falls and Ann Handley share their email marketing predictions for 2014 over at the Vocus blog. This includes hyper-targeting and smarter automation, more visual content and that Text is the new black (for some messages).
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The top 7 online marketing trends that will dominate Online marketing in 2014

Jayson DeMers lists his inbound marketing trends on Forbes. Businesses are finding success publishing original content rather than embedding advertisements within external content. Content marketing tactics offers additional benefits. Content marketing has grown to be big, but this big?
Read more: The top 7 online marketing trends that will dominate Online marketing in 2014

5 Predictions For Email Marketing in 2014

With the new year Philip Storey from Lyris garbs the irresistible opportunity to predict what’s ahead. Mobile-first email design, data that is combined with behaviour and regrettably not valid forever and sequential messaging while combining channels. 2014, a potent mix with lots of opportunities in his predictions for email and multi-channel marketing.
Read: 5 Predictions For Email Marketing in 2014

Future trends in email marketing

Pure360 was right when they predicted email marketing spends were set to increase in 2013. Now these other predictions about the future of email… Will HTML5 be what it is set out to become? And will marketers be finally ripping up the rule book of best practices soon?
Read: Future trends in email marketing

4 Future-Forward, Must-Know Marketing Concepts

A very enjoyable read by Sarah DaVanzo on marketing concepts that her circle of “trend whisperers” and futurists is discussing at the moment. Who knew that Temporal Planning, Hunch Farming and Moodgeisting and Meme Semiotics would take over the world?
Read: 4 Future-Forward, Must-Know Marketing Concepts

The Future of Email Marketing by Brennan Carlson

Brennan Carlson, SVP of products and strategy at Lyris narrowed the changed rules of email marketing and wealth of opportunities for digital marketers it creates down to six trends that are happening today that, according to him, will determine email marketing practices of tomorrow.
Read: The Future of Email Marketing by Brennan Carlson

Key content marketing trends for 2014

Not 100% email only, but who is drawing a strict line these days? The Content Marketing Association brought together a panel of content marketing experts who give their view on the key upcoming content marketing trends for 2014. Mind the comment by Robin Barnes about distributed vs destination thinking.
Read on: Key content marketing trends for 2014

New Year’s Resolutions, or Predictions, or Whatever

Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatData puts your new year’s resolutions into perspective. According to Kevin, merchandise will count for anywhere between 60% and 75% of the success of a business (about 70% is the average, when you ask folks), with marketing at about 20%, and creative at about 10%. Where should you spend your time?
Read: New Year’s Resolutions, or Predictions, or Whatever

Create your email marketing bucketlist

So what is in your future? We don’t read palms, but there must be some email marketing tactics and improvements you would want to get in place before you kick the bucket. Have a look at the topics that you can influence and create your own email marketing bucketlist.

Go back to the future:

Last year was certainly as good as this one, or at least the predictions about email marketing were certainly up to par. Have a look back at the past, future of email marketing predictions.
The email marketing insights for 2011
The future of email marketing 2013 edition
The future of Email marketing 2012 edition
aaaand The Future of email marketing 2017

Final thought

This year is a great year for email marketers. Although many things changed, the game stayed the same. Prediction is a good excuse to take a serious look around and see what is happening already, a thing we should all do more often. Get up to speed on new email marketing terms and definitions. If you read all of the articles above, you will surely find a gem or two of insight for the coming year, but even if none of these predictions comes true, let’s make it the best year ever.

– Jordie van Rijn
Have a look back at the past and the future of email marketing. In the Email marketing trends category, which also links back to earlier versions of this overview, all the way back to 2011, stats and trend reports.

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About the Author: Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant. Next to helping companies improve their email marketing results he gives email marketing training and is a writer and speaker in the field of online marketing.
  • Very nice compilation of articles about the future of email marketing. I agree with the general opinion that email marketing will be more mobile, that’s something we are already seeing nowadays.

    It was curious to see some opinions about the SPAM folder ceasing to exists, that’s really something I would like to see!

    • Hi Jose,

      The spam filtering IS getting more powerful, you can
      see that with DMARC there are some good steps towards blocking phising and spoofing mails.

      But will it ever be completely obsolete? I would like to know what you
      think about Greymail.

      • Well, Greymail will be even harder to solve than SPAM, or that’ s my opinion. For example, the last month, with my Android / Gmail update, I’m receiving hundreds of social notifications which usually I’m not interested in at the momment.

        It would be nice if in some cases we could define a length for the life of an email, for example, for daily offers, a day, after that the email would simply dissapear or be put on a dessired folder.

        What do you think about that?

        • Not a bad idea to add a lifetime to an email. With dynamic images you can already replace a deal in an email. On the user side you could set up a filter to do that. (but how to know it was a this day only offer?)

          • Uhm, you have a point here, it would be hard to set up a filter without knowing the time for which the offer will be available, maybe it’s a day, or two and so on.

            Maybe some info could be hardcoded into the email, so the email providers such as Gmail, Hotmail etc could detect this and act accordingly in an automatic fashion. Just as now Gmail knows which emails are a newsletter or a private email.

            But who knows, it’s going to be interesting, as something needs to be done or people will start ignoring most of the emails they receive because at the end of the day you can only read a number of emails, at least with some interest, the others are just read briefly then ignored / deleted

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