What does the future of email marketing look like? Each year around this time, marketers line up to give their view of the future of email marketing. Maybe we need to call it dialogue marketing or even mobile marketing like I heard just the other day?

Taking a look ahead is a great excuse to see what is happening already and what we should be paying attention to. Here are the trends and predictions about the future of email marketing.

Have a look at the latest trends and future gazing in the 2023 email marketing trends and predictions.

An insider look into the innovation in email marketing tools

Hot from the press: An insiders’ look at the innovations and new features to expect coming year. They will be coming to an email marketing tool near you. The team at Email vendor selection (that’s me) gets to play with a lot of new and shiny email tools all the time, there are a lot of exciting things going on. So I picked three of these that will definitely have impact on the email marketing tool universe.

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Game Changers in In Email Marketing Best Practices

What has stayed the same and what is changing? Wacarra Yeoman inspects the game changers in the best practises of email marketing. Does the way people use email nowadays make that you need to change your best practices? The short answer, yes. The email anatomy did change but not in every aspect. Keep your emails simple and entertaining. Less right railing and more emphasis on the subject line and pre-header. Read more

Email marketing in 5 years #emailin5years

Taking a bit of a quantum leap into what email and email marketing will look like in five years. A lot of experts chip in, giving their thoughts about the future of email marketing and the discussion is still live on twitter. So add your own ideas about the future with hashtag #emailin5years.

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The future generation about email marketing

What do the buyers of the future know about email marketing? Well, they do know something as it turns out, butterflies, dinosaurs and computers make up a large part of the young ones comprehension of newsletters. Cute, 100% from the heart and therefore very true.

See the future generation about email marketing

Trends in marketing with the best potential for commercial growth

What are the trends in general marketing to keep an eye out for? Because marketing activities like small data, content marketing, marketing automation and contextual targeting and others will have the biggest impact in creating additional leads, sales and strengthening brands. Dave Chaffey and Dan Bosomworth of SmartInsigths expect to see them have the greatest increase in investment and focus in 2013.

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The changes ahead: Six Email Marketing Predictions For 2013

Chad White keeps a very very close watch on what’s going on (retail) Email the incremental changes from year to year. Video in email will finally take off, we will see more Pinterest and email integration and free gift cards. Sounds like 2013 going to be fun!
Read up on all six changes in email at Mediapost.

Justifying Email Marketing in 2013 and Beyond

Email remains one of the most profitable marketing channels today — and will remain so into the future. Thats not really a prediction of course, more stating of facts. So Mitch Lapides does state the facts and stats for all those in need some ammunition to justify email marketing in your company. Read more

7 Marketing Predictions and Trends for 2013

Audrey Howes does have a point: “We’re still a couple of years away from the 2015 of Marty McFly’s trip in the DeLorean, but some of us are stuck in the 1980s or worse, 1950s with our marketing ideas.” Some of the broader trends he shows including more use of rich visualization, integration to be expected as standard and local marketing. Read the list here

5 email marketing predictions for 2013

Abi Jacks takes another point of view on predictions and lists what email marketers will (or should) actually be doing. Including automated campaigns, attribution and joining an overcrowded inbox in December. Read all five predictions here

The future of email marketing and newsletter designs

Where has modern email marketing advanced into? Jake Rocheleau takes a look at some unique trends in current email newsletters and see what the future may hold. Giving some inspirational examples (at the bottom) for designers looking to be ahead of the curve. Predictive marketing is what keeps the strongest companies moving forward compared with other stagnant domains. Read more

The future of is bright

Did you think this year was exciting? As a marketer it certainly was, but it looks like a lot more is to come. If you go through the articles above, you are sure to find one or two ideas or trends to keep a close eye on. As for predictions: I predict 2013 to be the greatest year (in e-mail marketing) ever.

Please share you thougths in the comments. Is it mobile? Is it social? Is it automation? As more and more future of email marketing articles get published, I’ll be updating this list. If you have any additions, add a comment below. Also take a look at last years future of email marketing overview.