Caught up in day-to-day business, we sometimes lose sight of the truly remarkable. Do you remember what campaigns you did the last 3 months? Were they worth doing (for you and the business)? Would it have mattered if you “kicked the bucket” tomorrow?

There are always multiple reasons why not to do something remarkable. But in the end we all have wishes and ambitions and if you leave it at that, they become regrets.

Jump the “permanently delayed” fence

Without action though, the most inspiring ideas will become “permanently delayed”. So why not create an email marketing bucket list? A list of all the things you want to with email marketing. People do it for their complete lives, why not for your professional life and favourite marketing channel?

Open up email marketing possibilities

A bucket list opens up possibilities. It’s a method to set any and every activity or goal, whether it’s big, small or random. Having a bucket list reminds you of what’s really important AND awesome so you can act on it.  It will only take 20 minutes of your time to get a good list started.

What would you put on your email marketing bucket list?

A bucket list is just like planning ahead all the highlights. But it is ok if your list has seemingly simple items on it. Some conservative tactics might spring to mind first, but in some cases the most radical ones come out first. Just write all your thoughts down. Once you get into a constructive mode, the juices start flowing and a whole range of ideas will come out.

Here are some questions to get you started on your own email marketing bucket list:
* What would you do if you have unlimited time, money and resources?
* What are the best marketing campaigns you have seen lately and why where they so great?
* What have you always wanted to do, but have not done yet?
* Anything that has bothered you too much and needs to be addressed?

* Anything you wanted to try but didn’t because it might go wrong?
* Who would you like to have as a recipient on your list? Or as a client?
* What is the smallest detail you could change that could make a massive impact?
* What achievements do you want to have?

* What activities or skills do you want to learn or try out?
* What would be cause for a celebration at the office?
* Who do you admire in your field and would you like to work with?
* What would be the one thing that your subscribers would go crazy about?

Some ideas you might want to put on your list:

* Create an on-boarding or welcome series for new subscribers
* Shopping cart abandonment campaigns
* Create a birthday emailing
* Work with a great email marketing consultant
* Get your email marketing program reviewed
* Automate the import/ export and reports
* Refresh your email template
* Create an inspiring list growth program
* Do a campaign with video in email
* Upgrade the preference centre
* Get started on better A/B split testing and optimization

A bucket list is not an email marketing strategy

An email marketing bucket list is not the same thing as an email marketing strategy. (although creating a solid strategy might be one of the items on the list). But with a good bucket list you can uncover motivation, passion and improvement points. And it feels darn good if you can strike an item off the list. Just thinking about the possibilities gets most people enthusiastic about their email program.

So what would you write at the top of your list?