Yesterday the EEC (Email Experience Council) started following me on twitter. I am kind of honored and was a bit surprised…

The EEC is one of those organizations that have put a landmark as to how you can group, spread and infuse knowledge on a certain topic. Widely known and respected within the email marketing community. I am also active as an email marketeer in the Dutch Email Association (EMA) and am sure that these two organizations can learn a lot from each other.

The big question(s)

My big question, through which channel did they find me? And why now? They could have added me earlier, did I do something to show up on their radar? But more importantly, will they retweet my daily emailmarketing tips? Now that i am thinking of it, i’ll just ask!

What the EEC says about themself

The eec, the email marketing arm of the Direct Marketing Association, is a global organization that strives to enhance the image of email marketing and communications, while celebrating and actively advocating its critical importance in business, and its ROI value.

They are committed to regularly conducting a broad series of email initiatives for a variety of organizations that highlight the positive impact and importance of email as a marketing tool, communications vehicle and branding device. Additionally, eec members are setting the standards for email through our Member Roundtables and Advisory Committees. The eec members who belong to our organization are representative of other trade organizations, agencies, advertisers, technology partners, clients and companies focused on the potential of email marketing.