If you are on this page, you are a special person. I’ve probably helped you out in some kind of the other or you’ve asked me how to contribute to our Pay it Forward program.

All the help you can get

As you might know, i am a sucker for helping people out. May it be to get you that answer to a small emailmarketing problem, pointing you in the right direction or in any other kind. That actually takes up a lot of time and money, more than anyone could imagine and i love it. But could you ever put a price on that? No.

Pay it forward

I don’t like to ask for money and don’t like it when others ask me :) But there is no other way to keep doing this.  So I would like you to make a donation to my pay-it-forward project fund. Any amount will do. This money is used to pay for out of pocket cost when helping people out and to develop new tools to helping people out. So make sure others like you will also be helped and press that little yellow button below. As said any amount will do.

Kind regards,
Jordie van Rijn

PS: If you know of any project that is in need of specific email marketing help, please let me know as that is exactly what we are trying to achieve.