the ideal email send timeFew days ago I had a little discussion with Heidi Tobias Wong of constant contact on testing email send times via twitter. It went something like this:

Jordie van Rijn: #emailtip Slap any emailmarketeer who says “this and this time” is the ideal sendtime without running a test.

Htoby: Beyond testing, watch for peak times of conversations in twitter around your topic and try sending then.

Jordie van Rijn: and you can use google to track the peak times :) But that is a startingpoint, twitteractivity is not the same as sales

Htoby: Absolutely it is not the same as sales but it is so helpful to know when your topic is on peoples minds.

And there you have it. As with any test, it is good to have a strong idea of what might work. And if people are talking about your product, brand or topic it could be they would also pay more attention to your e-mailing. Monitoring social activity could be a way to get there, and certainly smart to do anyway. Here is the link to see how to use google to monitor twitter activity.