Is all content interesting enough to share on social media or to forward? In other words, is it sharable? No, of course not.

But a conversation I had with emailrockstars Riaz Kanani and Loren McDonald certainly is. So be sure to share this blogpost.

The conversation about sharable or not started with a small question on Forward to a friend vs Share to social on twitter..

A study on forward to a friend vs Share to Social

Riazkanani: Didn’t Silverpop have a case study on FTAF vs Share to Social?

LorenMcDonald: Not a case study per so comparing FTAF & S2S – but do have actual study on S2S

JvanRijn: Just a note that that is a 2009 article, some things might have changed a bit.

LorenMcDonald: Ya, actually a lot – like #emailmarketing peeps use Like much more than S2S

Riazkanani: Yup – was in relation to a comment by @andrewkordek on @dmaemc

Riazkanani: interesting – I remember national express had 4x s2s performance vs f2af – still low %s of course

JvanRijn: I remember one of those reports too, S2S outpreformed f2af, but it is also less direct, so nothing to say…. about actual impact / conversions

How to get your emails shared: difference between value and share value

LorenMcDonald: Problem with FTAF & S2S is not the feature, problem is marketers don’t provide content worth sharing

JvanRijn:There is a difference between content value and share value. That difference is in the relation with the sharees.

Riazkanani: true – though publishers should not have that issue..

Riazkanani: Isn’t the real problem the time req to change ongoing content driven emailmarketing to shareable emails is.. too high – whereas one off campaigns can get a viral aspect to creative/copy.

LorenMcDonald: Agreed – which is why I always recommend creating specific emails that are designed to be truly shareworthy.

JvanRijn: That is an interesting take. How about a hybrid with at least one shareable part….

LorenMcDonald: Hyrbid is fine, but also think about if you move your program more to 1 to 1 triggers, there is less to share

Triggered email to be shared

Rriazkanani: Tend to think of 1-1 triggers as expanding your program rather than moving ;) increases freq <grin>

JvanRijn: 1-2-1 might just mean that the message = best fitted for you (to share). #thinkaboutit

LorenMcDonald: Fair …but much more than frequency, triggers greatly increase revenue per email sent – low volume/high ROI #emailmarketing

Riazkanani: cant argue with the latter – but you need the former to help push towards those high performing triggers

LorenMcDonald: Agreed – and that topic – Broadcast + triggers is subject of joint preso at DMA USA this fall….

LorenMcDonald: Depends on nature of content: birthday, cart abandonment, etc R2 specific to the individual to share #emailmarketing

Jvanrijn: True, although i can see potential for some birthday triggered emails being very sharable.

So what do you think?

Is all publishers content valuable, and shareable? How to create that great hybrid share email? And a birthday email gone viral? Please add and share to this conversation in the comments section, or catch these email rockstars on twitter: @riazkanani, @jvanrijn, @LorenMcDonald