“When is the best time to send your email newsletter?”, that question has been keeping people busy. And it is totally understandable, because timing does affect conversions and after crafting your email, you do have to schedule it.

Let’s look at the best time to send from a different angle. What if the best time to send a sales oriented email is….. when the subscriber is ready to buy?

Adjust your timing to Customer behavior

When people are prone to buy For some industries that totally depends on the place of a customer in the customer lifecycle. For most industries, there are also yearly cycles that produce higher interest. Take for instance the start of the new year. New year’s resolutions are made, how can a retailer harness the moment?

Outbrain did an analysis of their content comparing 1 January to December. It is apparent that interests change during the year, this graph is a great illustration of that.

Addictions, fitness and weightloss are the winners here, while people care less about banking and even their pets, Lets see how smart email marketers incorporate that in their messaging.

Email marketing: Start the new year right

Barnes & Noble sent out this email with the subject line: Start 2015 Right – New Year New You on January 1st. Click on the image to see the full version.

Instead of showing individual products, I like the way they grouped products together into benefit categories. So for instance you have category links to “Books for Healthier lifestyles”, just general enough to not say that people are too fat. Or “Inspiring books to engage the mind and energize the spirit”. This is very different than recommending one specific book that the email subscriber might not be interested in. Products versus categories is definitely a strong email A/B split testing idea I would run.

Smart and casual hand off from email to landingpage

The landing page reconfirms the headline “Start the New Year Right”. The page has all the categories, but using anchor text they scroll you down right to the category you clicked on in the email. A subscriber can then look if any book catches their eye immediately, on the left and right are arrows to stimulate “casual browsing” in the same category. A great way to think about the steps (micro-yesses) we need to make in the email funnel leading up to a sale.

Amazon gets in quickly: New year, New You

Amazon made the switch from Year End promotion to the New Year theme page quite quickly. I was expecting a full blown New Year, New You campaign but it wasn’t so. They did go very high email frequency on the Black Friday promotions and turned Cyber Monday into cyber Monday week.

Last year Amazon.com did send an email campaign at the beginning of the year called “A new year, a new you”, this one is sent on 30 December even before the year was over.

The email contains health related books, sports gear, financial planning software and even a cross trainer included for those that want to go all out. Notice that they give a discount on a much wider variety of books and products, but in the email they show only the pictures of the relevant more ones, like food and health related.

click on the image to see the full version of the email

Then on 17 January, they sent an email “Jordie van Rijn: New Year, New You 2014”. Click here to see the email. It looks very similar to the December mail, but if you look closely the big “See More” button is gone and now the email is categorised.
Recurring email marketing campaigns
It seems like amazon is finds this new year email marketing campaign to be successful. It has been “running” for a few years now. Here are the emails I found from last year and the year before. In 2012 I got the “New year, New you in books”, it could be that that mail was more targeted / segmented to me as a books category buyer?


Reebok New Year, New Gear Newsletter

This email campaign by Reebok from 2012 totally fits the new year’s spirit too. In this email you see that there is only one primary call to action: “Shop now”. (click to see the full newsletter)

The best time to send could be more about message than seconds

Think about your marketing emails and which time of the year will appeal more to the shopping behavior, resolutions or underlying needs / wants of groups of subscribers. It is a lot harder to convince someone he is thirsty than it is to sell ice water in the desert.

Your email campaigns can be crafted to emphasize the underlying needs, sometimes the subscribers only need a reasonable excuse to buy. The perfect time to send a sales oriented email is….. when the subscriber is ready to buy.

Image by Zürich Tourismus