Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something special for your e-mail subscribers. Just because you love them, and their moms, wives and girlfriends. But mother’s day also represents one of the biggest revenue opportunities.

Not a bad idea to combine the two and craft a compelling e-mail program this Mother’s Day. Here are a few e-mail marketing strategies and tips to Make Mom proud.

Events and special days as a part of your e-mail marketing calendar

First off, it is a great idea to plan your e-mail activities up front using a (e-mail) marketing calendar. This can be as simple as writing down all the events and topics and putting them on a timeline. That makes it easier to look ahead and plan for the coming months, some campaigns are the most effective a few weeks before the date is there. And it also helps to keep track of your new and improved e-mail marketing strategy.

Setting the right mood

You can make the first steps into a segmented Mother’s day e-mail campaign with a combination of age and gender. Dads tend to spend more on this holiday, much more than their wives or younger generation. They also tend to give other types of gifts. A great reason to split your Mom campaigns and craft the most compelling message you can.

But not all e-mail lists will have this profile data at hand. Yahoo! has a lot of female subscribers but were they daughters, mothers or grandmothers? Their e-mail newsletter was not about giving gifts, they changed the perspective and made the message about things to do on Mother’s Day. Increase the match with the e-mail subscribers by changing Perspective.

Inspiration for Mother’s day e-mails

Now that we have decided if we are going to create a broad or a very targeted e-mail campaign, it is on to the creative part. Not every Mother’s day e-mail has to be the top of e-mail creativity, to get you started a few ideas:

Free entrance / products / etc for Mom.
Don’t forget about mom. (to create awareness about the day)
Things to do on mother’s day.
Discounts on moms dream products.
7 places to go instead of your mother-in-law and matching excursuses.
This year’s most popular mother’s day gifts.
A free Mother’s Day gift with your order.
Find the perfect mother’s day gift.
Create a special mother’s day product / service package.

The mother’s Day e-mail campaign that came too late, but still is great

E-mail driven transactions peak two weeks before the day of Mother, according to a report by Experian. The same e-mail marketing study showed that e-mails with the term “Mother’s Day” in the subjectline in the week AFTER the holiday had a 44% higher open rate than the e-mail campaigns in the week leading up to it. Thinking about it, it might be very interesting when you do a small Mother’s Day themed series, also send a post-Mother’s Day e-mail!

The question is why these post-holiday e-mails get that much attention. Of course there are people that visit their family after the official day. It could also be that the original gift wasn’t the expected hit (and a replacement should be found). Gifts weren’t brought, but was promised. Or maybe just because it seems a bit “off” to send a Mother’s day e-mail AFTER the event. The last reason might spring some more original ideas. Catching readers with the theme, but taking that attention and give it a different spin.