mobile email strategyPeople love their blackberry, iphone, android and tablet. With that, the use of mobile email is increasing.  Using smartphones to connect with the trusted inbox.

Statistics say that 15 to 65% of email is opened on a Mobile device. The time has come to harness the power of mobile + email and create a solid mobile email strategy. And that encompasses more than just email….

Mobile email strategy is more than email

A Mobile Email Strategy covers how a brand will make use of the smartphone in the pocket of their (potential) customers. A smartphone or tablet allows people to go on the web, search, receive social status updates, read email and use all kinds of apps. The smartphone is a Digital Swiss Army Knife, a desktop-nano on the go.

The mobile phone changes the way people will interact with brands, in stores, with friends and family, their work and lastly with your email program. The challenge of a good Mobile Email strategy is to recognise these changes and utilize the new possibilities to reach your (email) marketing and business goals.

Harness the power of redesigned processes

The combination of mobile and email is very powerful. It allows companies to for jump through time, and over printing and information barriers. All this by changing the design of your business processes.

No more waiting at a service desk. A service employee can easily send you an email when he fixed your problem and send you a notification per email while you are still in the shop!

Printed receipts aren’t necessary; just send them to my inbox. I can easily show the receipt on my mobile if they ask for it. Online check-in, your boarding pass is mailed to your mobile inbox. That isn’t future talk, it is already happening right now. The combination of email and smartphones offers many possibilities, so think beyond the obvious and included them in your mobile email strategy.

Mobile email list growth

How can we realize mobile email list growth and stimulate sign-ups using the mobile platform?  You see that this is not about your email at all, but about the contact moments that we have with smartphone users. We will need to encourage the people to grab that smartphone and opt-in for your mailing list. Or sign up when they are already using the mobile phone, for instance when they are looking up an address or comparing prices.

Localization, geographical data

A smartphone has a great feature;  it is small. People take it with them everywhere they go. The traditional shop is now webenabled. With smartphones serving as portals to go online. And with the use of geographical data, an event driven email or an app can give you offers based on your current location. Or the location you have been. Imagine the data that can be leveraged from that. Knowing which store your individual customers like the most can boost results of your email marketing efforts greatly. Transforming dynamic or on-demand emails to match their current location.

Mobile Email best practices

Quickly email marketers are learning what works and what doesn’t work in mobile email. But to see these results, you have to monitor them (separately). Email designs are changed to fit mobile email navigation, with relatively bigger images and buttons, but less text.

How will your email work with different email clients? We don’t know if someone will open messages on a mobile phone a desktop or both. Include implementing best practices in your strategy, but also test, because what works for another brand, might not for you. One of your first challenges might just be to make it through the mobile email filter.

Mobile messaging strategy reaches beyond

It is inevitable that commercial and transactional messages are going mobile. Technology is moving at an incredible speed, we can’t clearly see what will be adopted in the future. But clear is that not all of the future solutions will include email. So your mobile email strategy goes beyond just the email itself. Creating a solid strategy to harness the power of the mobile messaging, including the strength of email, can give brands the edge they need to stay ahead of the curve.