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A lot of time, sweat and tears went into crafting a 7.500 word, 50+ page, Epic guide on email marketing for the Fashion & Apparel industry.

And now it is (almost) done. That calls for something special in the launch.

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  • A chance to win one of 8 seats in an exclusive Masterclass session on fashion email marketing.
    (it is called Masterclass ~ you’ll understand why),
  • Get your hands on our 7.500 word Epic Fashion & Apparel email guide before anyone else.

Can I invite others?
Yes you can, shoot them the url you are on right now. They can fill in by who they are invited so you both get more chance to be in the Masterclass.

Can I register if I am not in Fashion?
Yes for sure. Fashion marketers will get the most out of the guide, but you’ll defininitely get a lot of insights as well.