Insights from the Email Insider summit 2011

Insights from the Email Insider summit 2011

Every year the MediaPost Email Insider Summit is held, one of the most famous email marketing events of the world.

Even if you weren’t there be sure to pick up these great Email marketing oneliners and golden nuggets of experience by some of the attendees.

On the topic of… Not sucking

@martinlieberman Challenge for  attendees from @mostew: How do we do better than “relevant?” We need to do better than “not sucking.”

@MikeBloxham Relevance = lowest common denominator (via @mostew). Instead connect on customers emotions interest & expectations. Then exceed them

@fsubonnie  original email content drives pull marketing thru social rather than push – much more effective

@dbron0000 Great guidance from @urbandaddy – We need to refine our message via email. Don’t just repeat what the website says.

@MikeBloxham   Relevance is tough because its in the eye of the consumer. It’s based on time & context not just data you have through pref centers

On the topic of… Priority inbox

@broumand “If you are worried about Priority Inbox, then you have bigger problems than Priority Inbox”

@#joelbook  The “entire inbox” must be relevant, says @broumand of Urban Daddy. “When

marketers make relevance a priority, we all win.”

@shawnthinks  From Jack Hogan – as long as you are listening to your customers, you will be in their “priority inbox”  #emailmarketing

@accelerationbiz People say they have too much data or not enough. Problem is they don’t have the RIGHT data. (via)

@martinlieberman  It’s not process, technology, then people. People always come first. They’re the ones who have the relationships with consumers.

About Preference centers

@omenkid  Jack Hogan: Preference Centers are “necessary but not sufficient” for allowing users to manage behavior.

@LorenMcDonald  Michelle Accardi describing progressive forms/preference center as “progressive seduction”

Some thoughts from the sense and adapt panel:

So what is the new black?

@LisaMDick @broumand says email is the new black. Love it!

@MikeBloxham  Michelle Accardi: the integration of email and social is the new black

@CSMarriott  . I thought data was the new black?

@MikeBloxham  Insight is the new black – the product of data + creativity + analytical/strategic talent + risk tolerance

Measuring and email marketing

@LorenMcDonald: Panelist – I wish we could stop obsessing over opens and clicks and focus more on LCV and influence

@mikebloxham: All customers are fans (they buy from you), but not all Fans, Friends & Likes are customers. The value’s different

@tabsharani: Gmail subscribers have 3x better CTR rate than other webmail users. Is Gmail on to something?

@davehendricks: Opens and clicks will always count. period. end of story. it’s email!

Social & Mobile

@jkrohrs BIG Q: If mobile email is accelerating & webmail use shrinking, is Hotmail’s Active Views focused on the wrong platform?

@joelbook If 2010 was the year social media emerged as a powerful tool, then 2011 is the year of the smartphone and tablet. (via)

@davehendricks “make sure your landing pages are also optimized for email clicks coming from mobile devices”

@jkrohrs: SOCIAL BREAK-UP. PPT: : latest #ETSFF research.  Interesting statistics on why people unsubscribe

@phollows You and I Know better! :) Twitter is a great lead gen tool, see . Am flying in tomorrow.

@martinlieberman: Don’t be afraid of innovation. Be afraid of mobile devices. Too few people r optimizing for reader experience

about emailmarketing ;)

@tabsharani Hearing more and more that simplified #email messaging is essential  “efficient content”

@joelbook Delivering the opening keynote at , @broumand of Urban Daddy confirms that email has become the “gold standard” for 1:1 marketing.

@martinlieberman: Are your emails “real time” or “right time?” Are they auto messages or relevant ones?

@tabsharani  3 Part Email Welcome Series: Remind, Reassure, Promote.

Just golden nuggets

@andreas_ramos conversions are good. But it’s not the full picture. Fill the funnel is also good.

@joelbook All of the email marketing tools will never cover up lazy marketing.” Sing it

@jkrohrs At the end of the day, marketers are speed daters. We like campaigns, not programs. That’s working against us.

Not enough?

Check out the tweets from day 2 and the top email marketing tweets from day 3

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