During Email Marketing Day at your Desk, organized by Markedu we had a a full day with a lot of sucking up e-mail marketing knowledge. Speakers included Tim Watson, Richard Gibson, Michael Leander, Kelly Lorenz and other smart (Email) marketers.

Presentation about optimizing images

I was invited to do 2 presentations. In the morning about the “a bit heavy” but very important subject of email marketing audits. The afternoon was all about optimization. Following a great presentation by Kath Pay on incremental e-mail marketing testing, I presented a more specific and often tricky part of increasing e-mail marketing effect: Through optimizing the visuals. Here are the slides:

During the presentation, I talked about how to:

* Get better effect through smart use of Alt-texts
* Use the general steps in testing
* Explain dynamic image optimization
* Use Heatmaps for attention and eye-tracking
* And also some some instant usable tips at the end