On 15 december 2010 Microsoft announced that they where launching Hotmail Active Views. Active Views is a way to let email run javascript in your hotmail inbox adding a lot of functionality to e-mail. We list all articles about Active Views in this post.


Hotmail introduces interactive email using active views
The official Active views announcement by Microsoft

Hotmail Active Views video
Dan from Hotmail shows some examples on Youtube

How Active views transforms messages
Dick Craddock explaines with examples from Linkedin, Posterous, Livingsocial examples

The NEW Hotmail – Next generation in personal email
Animation on youtube with:  Sweep, Smart screen and Hotmail Active views explanation

Official Microsoft Sandbox website
Sandbox is the javascript technology behind Active Views

Responsys and Microsoft Unveil New Interactive Email
Press release by Responsys working with Hotmail on Active Views

More background:

Predictions for Hotmail Active Views
Derek Harding looks at the value, shortcomings and future of Active Views

How do Hotmail Active Views work?
Simple explanation of the inner workings of Active Views

Re-inventing Windows Live Hotmail – the next generation of personal email
Launch of ‘wave 4’ including first Active views functions

Microsoft expands Hotmail Active Views, hopes you never leave your inbox
First mention of  “platformization” of active views

History of Windows Live Hotmail
The Wikipedia page gives a good impression about the service

The pain of parcel tracking without Active Views
Terry Walsh says he is a geek and explains the pain of parcel tracking

View web content in your e-mail messages
Hotmail staff gives some everyday scenarios for Active Views use on ninemsn

Hotmail expanding Active Views to third parties, making email interactive
The new launch in relation to the previous hotmail wave 4 release on the Today in Windows website

Email Client statistics:

Hotmail covers 16 – 17 percent of the email clients, according to the following statistics reports:

Email Client popularity

Hotmail usage statistics by Campaign Monitor

Email client market share
Hotmail and other Email client statistics by Litmus

Launch partners

Orbitz, Monster, Linkedin and Netflix launching hotmail search
Tnooz gives some opinions from the travel industry point of view

Search for Orbitz hotels directly within your email
Jeanenne Tornatore, sr travel editor at Orbitz explains the feature

> Making it easier for Hotmail users to grow their LinkedIn network
Linkedin speaks about directly take action to build your network from within the inbox

Sharing Content Via Email:  Posterous Leaps Into The Inbox
Posterous explains how recent comments are added live


Hotmail Active Views–interactive email (for some)
Msblogs posts that a standard has to be found, or it will be as painful as openId

Hotmail tries to plug phishing with Active Views
Computerweekly has some concerns about security

Other blogsposts

Windows Live Hotmail Evolution: Interactive and Dynamic Email with Active Views

Hotmail Active Views Revives E-mail Innovation in 2011
Ed Henrich of Responsys talks about innovation over atClickz

Microsoft kicks off Hotmail Active Views platform

Making e-mail interactive with Hotmail’s Active Views

Hotmail Active Views Look To Make Email Interactive
Techcrunch reports the Active Views launch

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