“Email marketing is worth doing well,
starting today”

Email marketing is worth doing right, but that’s not that simple anymore. The way people use email is constantly changing and what worked yesterday, might not today. Your email needs to work together with the other channels – from direct mail to your website and social media. It’s part of the overall customer experience in your marketing-mix. Let’s roll up the sleeves make that the best it can be.

My name is Jordie van Rijn, I provide advice and implement email-marketing programs.
With over 10 years of online marketing experience I know how to get the job done. I work for both A-list and smaller brands. You can expect practical, achievable advice with your results as starting point.

Want to improve your email campaigns or book a training?
Don’t hesitate and contact me via jvrijn@emailmonday.com or +31(0)618818310

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