March 25 2014 Google launched an eye-catching field test with Gmail Grid View. It allowed for a more visual, “pinterest style” way to experience their inbox.The Gmail Grid View picks images from within the emails and displays them as tiles directly in their Gmail Promotions Tab. Gmail users can look inside all the mails, without the need to open.

Here is a collection of all the posts and writings that matter on the Gmail Grid view. What do we need to know about this new visual email inbox?

Google confirmed, since April 17 2015 Gmail’s Grid View is no more:
“It was an experiment which we decided not to pursue.”
Read more about it here and here.

I have decided to keep the article and all the posts up for future reference and those interested. Enjoy.

Official pages and news from Google

A new, more visual way to view your Promotions tab
The official announcement by Product Manager Aaron Rothman on the Gmail blog

Developers Grid Overview
Want to see your Gmail in grid style? During the field test you needed to sign up. Learn how you can give your readers a better experience in Gmail using this feature.

What does visual email look like in Gmail?

While it is still in a field trial stage, only some users can actually see the Gmail Grid. It certainly adds some spice and color to the user’s inbox and it makes for a very different user experience. This is what it looks like (click for a larger image and animation):

In Retrospect

New: Everyone Panic!
Dan Oshinsky explains how at BuzzFeed they didn’t spend a minute on Grid View and those turned out to be wonderful minutes not wasted.

Tips and best practices

Webinar discussion everything You Need to Know About Gmail’s Grid View
Webinar on Gmail’s newest change to the Promotions tab with Movable Ink’s Jordan Cohen and Elizabeth Ray.

8 Steps to Conquer Gmail’s New Visual Promo Tab
Tom Corbett, Head of Best Practice at Dotmailer explains how to implement it all.

Making the Most Out of Gmail’s Visual Promotions Tab: 5 Things Marketers Need to Know
5 tips for making more out of the Visual promotions Tab from Eric Szuhany of Movable Ink.

Tips for Designing E-mail for Google’s New Promotions Tab Grid View
Jeanne Jennings shares tips on designing the four parts of the Grid style email. Featured Image – Sender Image – Sender Name – Subject Line

Why Your Email May be Missing a Featured Image in the Gmail Grid View
Your image not showing up? Justin Khoo shows how to prevent Grid View featured image failure.

Email Marketers Aren’t Ready For Gmail’s Grid View, Yet
Several email marketers chip in and say you should start testing and monitor the competition.

What Gmail’s new ‘grid view’ means for marketers
Rowdy Gleason from Responsys shows 4 good examples of Grid View usage at the end of this post.

The Future of Grid View and email marketing

Gmail Just Threw Another Game Changer. And It Looks Awesome
Skip Fidura explains why this could be the biggest development for email marketing in recent history.

Gmail changes the game for email (again!)
Some great points on what the Visual Inbox will mean for marketers by Tony Macpherson.

Gmail grid view: six implications for email marketers
Will Grid View open the door to more agile marketing, Ben Davis from econsultancy wonders.

Gmail Visual Inbox Could Mean Pay-To-Play For Email Marketing
Will Gmail become Facebook and let marketers pay to reach their subscribers? by Paul Jorgensen.

Promotional Email in Gmail is About to Change – Welcome to Gmail Grid View (internet archive)
Philip Storey is excited about the new subjectline, and yes testing these images will be a blast!

Google Introduces ‘Grid View’ to Gmail Promotions Tab (page seems to be lost forever! :( )
Real-time optimization and targeting for “the new Gmail subjectline” might be the around the corner.

The promotions tab gets a visual upgrade with Gmail Grid view
Massimo Arrigoni of MailUp asks what is coming next to “the grid”. Will it be embedded Adwords? Or a Google Plus button?

Gmail testing a more visual way to view email (internet archive)
The Grid View, a compelling place for brands to advertise, with a possible 2.25-4% clickthrough rate. by April Mullen of DEG.

Google Is Turning Gmail Into ‘Ginterest’
Dave Hendricks is betting it will create a tremendous amount of “Ginterest” for the Promotions tab.

Why Gmail are testing a Visual Promotions view
What will make Grid View a success for Gmail? Tim Watson of Zettasphere explores just that.

Grid View tools and instructions for email marketers

Tool: Add Gmail Offers to Your Email
Fill out the form and this handy tool generates all the gmail grid view HTML code you need.

Tool: Preview and generate the markup for Gmail Grid View
Preview and generate the markup for Grid View and mail it to yourself to check how it looks!

Tool: Gmail Grid View Generator
Optimize your Gmail subscribers’ experience with this tool from DEG Digital.

Introducing the Gmail Promotions Tab Grid View
Andy Thorpe of Pure360 shares the launch and how he got Grid View working in his own sends.

Movable Ink Enables Marketers to Optimize Email Campaigns for Gmail’s New Promotions Folder
Announcement from Movable Ink, their Emailservice can now be used to optimize emails in Grid View.

Developers Grid Overview
Are you sending email? The official Gmail instructions can be found here.

More Background

Surprise: Gmail’s Newest Innovation Prompts Little Press Idiocy (Internet Archive)
Ken Magill is absolutely surprised that no one is predicting the death of email.

Gmail Does It Again: The New Promotions Tab
Matt Byrd over at Litmus explaines the new Tabs and predicts what will be in the up next for Gmail.

The implication of the new Gmail Promotions Tab Grid View
Luella Ben Aziza shares her view on what this development mean for Brands over at Smart Insights.

The Gmail Grid view Capabilities
A roundup of the current capabilities that the Email community has found from testing the grid.

Blogposts about the Grid View and its’ launch

New Gmail Experiment Displays Promotional Emails In An Image-Heavy Grid View
Techcrunch reports the Gmail Grid Views launch

Gmail’s Gridview: Images are More Important than Ever! (internet Archive)
Mallory Mongeon of email on acid about the update that most marketers are actually excited about.

Gmail Turns the Inbox into a Visual Feast
Tom Sather of Return Path asks “Will it change the to open or not to open game?”

Gmail Tests Eye-Pleasing Visual Grid for Promotional Mail
Time very shortly shares a Grid announcement (and that it pleases their eyes).

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