Come and step into the future of email marketing with our 7th annual review of email marketing trends and predictions.

How can you stay on top of the ever-changing environment that is the inbox? And what about the customers’ Mind-Box?!

The new, 2022 edition is out!

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The Future is a moving target. So know that we made a newer, super updated, latest version with all the new 2022 email marketing trends and predictions. There are some great insights below, but be sure to check out what the lastest highlights are of what’s happening right now in email and marketing automation.

The 2022 future of Email Marketing and automation.

To be honest, the future is already here, it’s just not distributed evenly.
Creating this email marketing trends overview has always been a good excuse for me to show what’s already happening right now. Take a peek at what is coming up in 2018 and beyond.
So let’s jump in and see what email industry today, has to say about the future of email marketing tomorrow…

– Jordie van Rijn

Email marketing 5 years ahead …

Econsultancy asked brand side marketers, how they thought email marketing will evolve: “Looking ahead five years, what do you think the single biggest change to email marketing will be?”

This resulted in the following word cloud. The top topics for the coming 5 years are Data, Personalisation, Content, AI and Automation. With Personalisation taking a big leap as the #1 focus area for the upcoming year.

10 Marketing Experts share the future transformations of MarTech

What will be the most interesting developments and trends? Ten marketing experts share their views on what the future of MarTech will hold and out comes a truly interesting article.

  • Embrace the power of new behaviour and technology – Tom Goodwin
  • A network of Growth hackish Automations puts us in Automation 2.0 territory Mathew Sweezey
  • First we change the technology, then technology changes us. Bart de Waele
  • No more BYOMT (Bring Your Own Marketing Technology) Benoît De Nayer
  • Marketing becomes Agile or Stuck Rikke Thomsen
  • Fear the fRaNKeNsTaCk! Ed Fry
  • Artificial Intelligence takes the manger position David Raab
  • Democratization of data and Distributed smart functions René Kulka
  • ABM will start to appear in every (B2B) platform Jordie van Rijn
  • We need a new approach to email technology, who will be first? Tim Watson

Read the complete and interesting post on MarTech predictions here: 10 Marketing Experts share the future transformations of MarTech

This Is What the Future of Email Will Look Like in your Inbox

There is hope for a better email world and it’s coming fast. According to Erik Lukas, in the near future our email Inbox will be more visual, more interactive, give users more control, and be paid.

Our inbox will be more visual
In the future, all important links within an email will be surfaced and previewed, all attachments will be previewed and shown without having to download. Contact photos will be more prominent for people we’re close. We will be able to organize our inbox with gestures and pickup and reorganize mails according to priority.

Our inbox will be 3d and interactive
A smartphone already offers a lot more possibilities than email apps are letting us access. Users will be able to interact with their inbox is new ways that feel like superpowers in the near future. Imagine picking up, tossing, and grouping emails in whatever way you see fit in 3d space.

Our inbox will give users more control
The inboxes of the future will give users vastly more control in three ways:
a) control through interaction,
b) control through personalization and
c) control through programmability.


You can choose to see favourite contacts and most important labels being more prominent and customizable.
It will allow something like personal hashtag rules that give priority contacts permission to ’top post’ on your inbox. The email hashtag #yourname could be a personal hashtag to create and give out to a few colleagues to use when there is something urgent to consider and a decision is needed asap. A focus mode is another way of control, removing distractions Only to look at only the emails from today or a certain person easily.

Email will be paid
A paid model or protocol layer will naturally sift and improve the quality of emails that make it through the ‘pay filter’ protocol to your inbox. That means…. less junk email! Bitcoin can, in theory, handle micro-payments by lowering transaction costs but they would need widespread adoption or a layer that makes mass usage easy and possibly invisible.
Read the whole article here

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