Red pill email and eMailMonday team up to bring you the Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide.

Contents of the Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide

The Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide(s) features side-by-side comparisons of email vendors ranging from small markettablevendors to commercial MTAs and points in between. We drill even deeper than the year before, with almost 300 essential datapoints per ESP. The guide comes with a webbased application that helps users to identify the vendors best suited to their needs based on their own unique business criteria.

Features & Functions of emailtools and vendors

The guide will present comparison tables and graphs, divided between in 9 different categories that look at the features, functions, and technical areas of interest to end users. Almost 800 hours went into the making of this Guide; written from the perspective of an experienced hands-on email marketers.

The Guide doesn’t look at the number or type of clients of the participating vendors, nor does it take into consideration the participant’s revenue or company vision. It doesn’t care about the “state of email” or the geo-social ramifications of the industry as a whole. While those things are interesting and may come into play in the user’s ultimate decision, they don’t tell the user what a vendor is capable of.

That’s where this Guide comes in. Whether you’re shopping for your first email vendor, or considering a switch, this Guide is where you’ll want to start.

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