A staggering percentage of email marketing campaigns are not being optimized at all. Some believe that Email marketing split testing isn’t for them (yet). Too bad, because if you are not A/B testing your emails, you will need to work harder to get the same effect.

This email marketing split testing guide will help you:

  • Prevent losing the opportunity to improve results through email testing
  • Get answers for some email marketing testing problems
  • Sucessfully convince colleagues and naysayers to start A/B split testing

It might even remind you why email marketing split testing will be effective.

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Remember: Getting everybody enthousiastic about improving your email program might be hard work, but it’s even harder work if they aren’t. Use this 99-point guide and get make sure every body is one the same page about email marketing testing.

About the email marketing split testing guide

Test and learn, test and learn. A/B split testing is a proven way to optimize your email marketing efforts. By sending different versions of an email and comparing the results, we can quickly learn what works best. A well designed test can give massive increase in opens, clicks and conversions even when changing simple elements.

Still a staggering percentage of email marketing campaigns are not being optimized at all. Of the marketers that do employ Email marketing split tests, a large portion is still not doing it structurally. This leaves a lot of (marketing) effort not transferred to into result.

But luckily there is help. This guide is for all those that need to convince their bosses, colleagues or even clients to start using tests in their email program. Heck, you might use it to convince yourself too.

Download the guide now

What is in this email marketing testing reasons whitepaper

Inside the guide are 99 reasons for NOT testing and the answers as to why you should be doing it. The guide has answers in 12 categories ranging from the Misconceptions to Resources & Investment and from Management & organization to the Effectiveness of testing.

How to use the email marketing testing reasons guide

It is best used when making a business case or in an email testing discussion. But download and use it now, it is always good to read up on your testing, plus it’s a fun read.

Download the email marketing testing guide and impress everyone with your knowledge about email split testing. Even seasoned email marketing professionals need to be reminded of them sometimes and this guide will help them as well as people new to testing their email marketing newsletters and campaigns.

Using this guide for email testing

So what are you waiting for? Go and get that info on email marketing testing.Download the guide now