Designing an email newsletter from the ground up isn’t easy. Coding, writing, and design are harder than you’d think. A free email template saves a lot of time. And you get some inspiration as a free bonus.

Here is a list of the best 11 sites for Free Email Templates, with more than 3001+ free email newsletter templates. The best part? They are downloadable and responsive email templates. So let’s see what sites with great email templates there are for you.

Note that to pick, save, and download editable templates, you’ll often need to login, but no worries all the templates are free.

1300+ HTML email templates with a professional design (Beefree)

free email templates download email Beefree editor builder

The massive free email templates collection of Beefree is a good place to kickstart your email campaign design process. The email templates look professional, colorful, and up-to-date. Pick any email and start editing them directly in their responsive email editor. Customize the brand assets, images, colors, change text, add new blocks and change around the layout without any coding.

Beefree has 1300+ email templates to choose from. You’ll have an email design for every occasion and use. What is cool is that every email template is created by a professional email designer or freelancer. The HTML email designs are fully editable online in the drag and drop email editor or you can directly download them as a zip file with all images and HTML included.

Sign in here, to pick, edit, and save the full template gallery.

In the pro version, you can push the responsive newsletter template directly to your own email marketing software like MailChimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot, etc. Added niceness: they also have landing page templates that match.

1300+ free email newsletter templates (Stripo)

free responsive email templates

Stripo prepared 1300+ free email newsletter templates for you.

You can create responsive email newsletters from a template in about 10 minutes and customize them with the responsive email template editor. The newsletter templates feel fresh and look up-to-date – like email templates should in 2024.

You can export the email designs to HTML and use them in 60+ major email service providers and email tools. Including Mailchimp, GetResponse, Campaign Monitor, Brevo, ActiveCampaign, etc .

Stripo categorized the free email templates by occasion, industry, and tags. With a search function, it is easy enough to find your way. Additionally, they are arranged by special email features. So for instance there are 18 free AMP email templates in there, 8 email templates with a countdown timer, etc.

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100+ free responsive email templates (Topol)

free email templates Topol_io is another online email design editor. They offer 100+ responsive newsletter templates for free. The designs are playful and tested in all email clients and render well on any mobile device with minimal effort. There are multiple ways to download the HTML email templates.

200+ Free responsive email templates for every purpose (Chamaileon)

free responsive email designs downloads

Chamaileon offers a large gallery of email newsletter templates. From welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, an email newsletter for your blog to transactional emails.

They are tested to render correctly in your subscriber’s inbox. Every email template features a free HTML email design. You can edit and customize them online in the Chamaileon email editor and download to use them for your next campaign.

They are double-tested to look good in major email clients like Outlook and Gmail. The gallery is big, so you just have to use one trick. After registering, click on the search bar and scroll the different topics.

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50+ Newsletter templates (MailerLite)

email newsletter templates mailerlite

MailerLite is an Email service that offers 50+ fully responsive email templates. You can start your email campaigns with the professionally-designed newsletter templates from their collection. The emails are in line with the latest email marketing trends and every free template is optimized to keep your readers engaged.

They’re fully responsive, so they look great on any device.

75+ Free Email Newsletter Templates (Moosend)

Moosend email templates ecommerce saas real estate responsive layout

Moosend has 75+ mobile-ready free newsletter templates waiting for you. Tested in all major email clients.
You can sign in here and use the Moosend email template builder to directly edit them online and download the HTML.
Moosend is also an ESP (email marketing tool) you can use to send out the emails for free.

There is a variety available. Want a minimalist email template, trigger automation template, newsletter template, product launch email template?

21 email newsletter templates Cakemail

newsletter templates all free

The email marketing tool Cakemail offers a few basic email templates on their site. 21 of them. Although they aren’t the most attractive on this list, something is very impressive: The number of downloads reported. Their template “Fabulous” is downloaded… here it comes.. over 90.000 times. Ok, that is impressive.Head over to Cakemail.

26 x 7 printable newsletter templates by Canva

You might know about the image editing software Canva. Canva has a download repository of email and print newsletter templates. They look nice enough, although not the most attractive ones on the list. They say that these are all email newsletters, I haven’t seen any HTML download button.. – and how do we make emails without adding links? Emails don’t have a page two, you silly Canva.

You can clearly see the strong point is print -and downloadable printable newsletter template in pdfs or image you get. So head over to Canva if you want a print newsletter.

Litmus Community and Litmus email templates

email newsletter templates litmus

Litmus offers six starter templates and there is a collection of 27 free HTML email templates from the Litmus Community, a place for designers and marketers about everything email. There are a few completely free product launch templates, templates to market and sell your products, and one column layout transactional emails.

21 Responsive Email Templates (MJML)

MJML is an open-source email coding framework. No worries if you don’t know what that actually means. :P MJML users are a bit more technical. Once you get the hang of the coding framework you can quickly adjust your emails. MJML offers 20 free email templates on their site for you to grab. Each email template looks cool, is mobile responsive and you can just download them for free in HTML as well.

40+ Free Email Newsletter Templates to Use Today (Brevo)

The collection from Brevo has a responsive email template for categories like Ecommerce newsletters, Retail store newsletters, Blog and media newsletters, SaaS newsletters, Nonprofit newsletters.

Brevo is an email service provider. You can create a free login and use the email templates editor there.

Why would I want a free email template?

Looking at the number of templates available, there is plenty of choice. But when do you want to go with pre-made or free email templates in the first place?

1. Templates save a lot of time in creating the emails

Responsive templates save you lots of time. Need an email campaign set up right now? With a template, you don’t need to start from scratch. You can pick a ready-made email template. You’ll know how it will turn out, and it’s right here, right now. Way faster than designing and building an email yourself.

The only things to change are the brand elements and content to your liking. Additionally, every pre-made template is probably already tested to be compatible with major email clients. Templates are a time saver. Even if you have your own email custom-coded, I would still recommend turning it into a reusable template.

2. Pre-made templates are extremely affordable.

There is definitely added value in hiring a professional email designer. They can guide you, ask the right questions, possibly bring some fresh ideas to the table. It is a wise investment. If you can find the right freelancer or email agency, be sure to spend a bit of money and get a master email template or themed email design.

But if you are on a budget, free email templates are an excellent alternative. They make your message look professional without the big investment. Just be sure to pick the right category that matches your brand and message.

How do you find the right email template to download?

Finding the right email template is quite easy. In the galleries of Beefree and Stripo for instance there are 100s of templates. You can start with filtering by industry, occasion, or use.

How to create a newsletter for free?

To create a great-looking newsletter you can use a free email template like the ones above or have one designed for you. Of course, it helps if you already know what type of email you are going to send and if it is for instance an RSS roundup of your blog, eCommerce email marketing, or transactional emails you are looking to have created.

  1. Pick the right email template from one of the sites above,
  2. Customize it to have your own brand colors, images and logo,
  3. If it has a drag and drop feature, add or remove blocks to your wish
  4. Download the HTML files and import the finished design into your Email Service Provider (ESP).
  5. Last tweaks in the ESP, send a test so you know it looks good in all email clients.

Tips for using free newsletter templates

Use drag and drop or proper HTML editor.
Most of these templates are already tested with any email marketing service that is able to create emails using HTML. For instance MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, MailerLite, etc. The templates from drag and drop editors and ESPs already allow you to customize images and links without coding.

But if you need to edit the html, something like Notepad, Atom or Brackets would work. Make sure that you don’t let a web-code editor that will “correct” the HTML code. Email HTML is quite different from code for websites.

Upload instructions and tips from your ESP
Your ESP will have instructions for uploading your HTML templates Some tools will let you paste in the HTML files, others will let you upload a complete zip file with images and everything in one go. Make sure your images are correctly linked. Preferably they are hosted in the ESP itself before sending. You can use an external email design checker or built-in feature to do a last visual and deliverability check before sending.

What are the best free email newsletter templates?

Be honest, most marketers when looking for newsletter design “Know it when they see it.” You want your email to look good, do its job and be easy to use on mobile devices.

  • The best responsive template has technically flawless HTML and works with whatever email clients including mobile.
  • Pro made email designs are goal focussed, they help your reader to the next step in conversion – drive traffic to your website, and include multiple options for images, layouts and CTA buttons.
  • Professional email templates can follow design trends while leaving distractions at the door. A minimalistic clean design, material design like google, or animated? Perfect, as long as it fits with your brand, trendy designs make it feel very “now”. Same goes for landing pages and your blog of course.
  • The best newsletter template is flexible and you can customize them like you want. If the template is hard to change or is too restrictive, email marketers won’t have that big smile in the end.