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Selecting an email marketing tool

An online resource with a ton of articles about all the facets of selection and evaluation of your email marketing software and tools. The site also has an updated list with over 350 email marketing companies worldwide.

Email Marketing Software Buyers’ guide

Industry reports 

Email in Travel and Hospitality
Email marketing guide for the Travel industry.

Email for Financial services and Banks
Email marketing guide for Financial industry.

Email marketing for Restaurants
Email marketing guide for Restaurants and bars.

Ecommerce Email marketing
Ecommerce email marketing guide.

More information about the Report email in travel (english) en Rapport Email in Travel (dutch)

Downloads and whitepapers
Eventdriven marketing whitepaper
Birthday email whitepaper with examples

Get more subscribers with this whitepaper
Driving email signups

Blogs and industry

Email marketing Blog
The good old email marketing blog on this website.

Email Audience
A multi-author blog on email marketing, with a lot email marketing articles there.