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The travel industry is one of the most active in the field of email marketing. In the benchmark email marketing in travel 2 103 different newsletters from the Dutch travel industry where exhaustively examined.

Contents of the Email Marketing Benchmark Travel 2

With more than 75+ measurement points tracked per travel newsletter: the benchmark includes data on sendtime, frequency, send day, subject line analysis, from address analysis , calls to actions, Pre-header usage, Imagery, social media integration, personalization , opt out procedures, sender reputation, sender IP, to name a few.

The Benchmark includes tactics and techniques from thousands of email communications from the Dutch travel industry.

A preview of the Emailmarketing in Travel Report is available here: (warning, in dutch!)

Email marketing insights  for travel and beyond

This Email marketing benchmark report provides an overview of the entire travel industry, using statistics, benchmark data and practical analysis of that data. The benchmark provides insight into email tactics and techniques in the travel industry. A must have for each eMarketer. The Travel Industry is one of the leaders in email marketing. Understanding of their method thus provides support for all Dutch eMarketers.

The Email Marketing Benchmark Travel 2 is compiled by eMailMonday (Jordie van Rijn) and DM Interface (Pieter Stroop).