Marketingsherpa holds a survey each year called the Email Marketing Benchmark Report. It results in a 198 paged report filled with emailmarketing statistics. One thing grabbed my attention when I was looking over the report.

Brand awareness as an objective

There is a part about the most important email marketing objectives by email marketing maturity phase. Most objectives do not differ so much between phases except for “building brand awareness”. That goal is deemed important in 79% of organizations in the trial fase, and falls to 59% and 55% in transition and strategic phase. Now don’t overrate the name “strategic fase”, it just means than there are processes and guidelines in place, so it doesn’t really say anything about strategy. But it does implicate that Brand Awareness via email marketing becomes less important for email marketers once they go into the next phase of e-mail marketing.

Brand awareness becomes less important

But why does that objective become less important when moving along in email marketing maturity? Might it be because beginners in email marketing first need to figure out how to use email to drive profit? Or might it be something simpler like the inability to measure email stats? Or does it even imply that you don’t go to the next phase if you focus too much on brand awareness?  Because “brand awareness” is a softer and less measurable metric it might be the safe bet for an email marketeer starting out with his program.

2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report (Excerpt)

Below you will find an excerpt of the 2011 Email Marketing Benchmark Report . The complete report can be found on the website of Marketingsherpa.