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The 2023 future of Email Marketing and marketing automation.

The 3 Big Martech Innovation Themes that build The Digital Firm

Leave it to Scott Brinker to graph the MarTech topics that are gaining momentum. These are likely to shape 2022. I have one recommendation: Keep close eye on these these coming year.

martech innovation 2022

There are three big themes for martech innovation in 2022 and together these converge into “The Digital Firm”. The Digital Firm is what lies beyond digital transformation. What brings this mystical afterlife after struggle? Is the main question.

Breaking it up into the main components:
1. Commerce, coming into marketing’s domain in B2C and B2B.
2. Big Ops, the process and technology evolutions in digital
3. No-Code, where non-technical marketers get coding superpowers.

Martech Big Theme #1: Commerce

Digital self-service serves up a bigger role for Marketing”

b2b ecom effectiveness

A massive speed up of e-commerce through the pandemic, now makes it preferred channel for B2B and B2C. Social commerce and all in one superapps ( like in East) are becoming more important. Digital self-service is now the most popular way for B2B buyers in every stage of the sales journey.

This changes everything, but the greatest opportunity there is for Marketing-Generated Revenue. As marketing can create campaigns and digital experiences that directly embed transactions – Marketing has a bigger role to play. Ecosystems are more than a channel, even shifting thinking for some to replace go-to-market thinking with a go-to-ecosystem process.

Martech Big Theme #2: Big Ops

“Think bigger with Big Ops.” The growing diversity of digital commerce is one contributor to the theme of Big Ops.

big ops environment

Just as Big Data was about the volume, velocity, and variety of data flowing through our organizations, Big Ops is about the volume, velocity, and variety of all the digital operations now running on top of that data: the explosion of apps, agents, algorithms, analyses, and automations and executing in parallel across our organizations.

One way Big Ops has manifested itself is in the growth and proliferation of “ops” roles. RevOps, DataOps, MarketingOps, etc, etc That is a lot of Ops!

Reintegration of Martech

DataOps is a good example of Reintegration of Martech. Moving from a “martech stack” to a “business stack” where data first largely fouind itself in the “silo” of the marketing department, now data spans the entire enterprise. The Reintegration of Martech is a movement from The Digital Marketing Department to The Digital Firm.

Marketing has tons of data to contribute to the business, enriching analytics and models of other teams. While marketing benefits tremendously from customer data of teams contribute like product, distribution, customer support, accounting, field operations, etc. opening up a behavioral bounty of insights and marketable moments.

Aggregation in tech stacks is happening through Automation. Thanks to open APIs, there’s a wave of cross-app and cross-team automation happening in The Digital Firm.

composable vs traditional

Gartner talks about the effectively the Lego-ization of software with the infrastructure concept of a Composable Enterprise. Businesses can quickly assemble apps and digital experiences with a set of interoperable components.

Martech Big Theme #3: No Code

“No-code gives marketers SuperPowers”
The broad definition of no-code is: Technology that lets general business users — like marketers — self-service work that would have required them experts in the past.

So building websites, landing pages, marketing automation workflows, apps, data analyses, dashboards, and basically anything that would have needed an expert for before. Both internal and external(!!)

Less complex use cases are accessible for marketers on their own. Anytime they want, with fewer delays, bottlenecks, and resources depended on. There’s a boom underway with The Creator Economy for individuals and entrepreneurs. The same mind- and skillset should be used inside businesses too.

An interesting part of no-code innovations is based on generative AI tools. Make sophisticated digital assets just by describing what you want. For instance, content writing assistants, or even video spokesperson. Looking natural and almost real. Scott makes the case: a significant change is the emergence of top-tier employees — which come to an emphasis of in-house Creators.

5 email marketing trends to watch out for in 2022

mail marketing trends 2022

In the past year marketers had to change their programs and create a new marketing machine. In 2022, they better make sure that the machine keeps running! Email marketing in 2022 has to be simplistic, direct, and interactive, to make it click-worthy. Tejas Pitkar from Netcore sees these email marketing patterns developing, and takes on an exciting 2022.

  1. Interactive emails need a good story, not tech
    With open rates obsolete, marketers turn to clicks and interactive emails to engage customers. But instead of a focus on creating dynamic content, marketers have to improve their storytelling and use cases for extraordinary results.
  2. LTL over STG: Long-term customer loyalty over short-term gains
    The pandemic changed the customer retention and loyalty game. Customer lifetime value (CLV) is now the north star eCommerce marketers look for in the sky. Big data and machine learning predict the worth of your customer in 5 years.
    Better brand experience, customer service, and tailored emails to retain your gain. And a loyalty program boosted through emails aimed at high-value customers? – a revenue hole-in-one.
  3. “Do the new thing” for zero-party data collection
    Zero-party data collection is where the party is at. Marketers will innovate their tactics to get the preference data. Data, yes but why? Well, to create real, personal, and meaningful shopping experiences. Build a bond, and design relevant content. Also, no cookies.
  4. Social proofing to generate interest
    Online product discovery is evolving. Consumers turn to social apps like Facebook for inspiration and recommendations. So email and social media teams need to team up and work more in tandem in the coming year. Use every channel, enthuse customers to post reviews or pic of their favorite products – aka user-generated content (UGC). UGC builds brand positivity and publicity for your products.
  5. Deliverability gets turned on its head; time for a change.
    Subscriber ‘opens’ can’t tell the deliverability story anymore. From the Mailbox Service Provider (MSP) perspective, however, customer engagement will still be key to better deliverability. Time for a change, but what to do?

    Strict email authentication, Deeper segmentation based on clicks and other indicators, Maintaining excellent list hygiene by removing invalid and temporary emails, sunsetting inactive users, but now based on clicks.
email design trends 2022 hero

Sophia Shalabi at BEE is keeping you up to speed with email design trends. Flex your email marketing campaigns muscle all the up to  She-Hulk-like strength. Smashing designs impact the inbox! Here are the 6 spotted email Design trends:

  1. Optimism and lightheartedness in full techni-colour 
    After hard times with restrictions, lockdowns and masks. It’s time to bring fresh air and fun into your email designs.  The colours and gradients of your design – and stories you are telling – can do with an  emotional-update. Be more cheerful!
  2. Dark Mode turned on, sir 
    Over 90% of users use some type of dark mode on their mobile devices. Dark mode makes for a less eye-straining reading/working experience. No more choosing between the light and dark side, young Padwan.  Every email design needs to work in both. 
  3. Mobile first Email Design 
    Over 40% will delete an email if it’s not optimised for mobile. But we aren’t talking about looking terrible and deleting. What about those others that don’t convert or click from mobile? Email editors allow you to “build mobile first”, test your designs in mobile and make a detailed responsive design with options to stack columns, hide images, etc, etc. 
  4. Be bold and behold: Animate and create movement.
    Frontrunner brands should keep a list of bold email design ideas. And the options just got bigger. As Email inboxes can bear larger image files (eg larger GIFs), design some that are spread eye-catching and add exciting scroll animations. Emails will become more interactive and animated in 2022. 
  5. More crafty use of customer data
    The truly personalised experience, oh what a conundrum! It calls for crafty use of segmentation, merge tags, and customer data. Buuut starts with the real question: How does one pack a punch? The Spotify Wrapped email changed the game back in 2018, customers expect something that feels timely, personal. 
  6. Artful Intelligence, emails for the win
    AI is already here. AI-powered tools can help craft subject lines, and even deliver customised content to your customers. But did you know it can also guide your designs? Yes, Artful Intelligence (you hear it here first): Choose colour pallets, design images, get emotionally loaded “painting the picture” text suggestions. Yes!

    Check out the original article here.
email marketing trends dominate 2022

To play guessing games with your marketing plans will sink your battle ship. Instead, Liz Willits takes your 2022 email marketing buoyancy up a notch with advice of marketers who’ve spend days and nights studying email marketing. Let’s see what they predict will keep it afloat in 2022. What email marketing trends will take off and help marketers succeed in 2022?

Social proof packs a punch:
Nothing as Impactful as a single quote from a customer saying, “This increased my revenue by 78%.” The words of your customers are more powerful than anything you could say. Customers have nothing to gain from promoting you. Your customers are an incredible marketing asset. Use them. Dave Gerhardt

Growing your list with Growth loops
Email is a great opportunity to compel your existing audience, big or small, to take action somewhere else (e.g., LinkedIn, Twitter, Quora), where their engagement (e.g., likes, comments, shares) gets more engagement, exposure, and ultimately, sign ups.

Modular email design and a full-body background
The email marketing trend for marketers in 2022 is a modular design system. The idea is becoming more mainstream. Whether you make modular design system in an ESP, use a third-party email template builder, or store modules in git. A modular code repository speeds up your email creation.

Wider adoption of full-body background images in email are also coming and they keep getting cooler! – Anne Tomlin

Linkedin Newsletters
Go ahead, press the “Start newsletter” button in Linkedin. This case it isn’t bad to grow on rented land and start a Linkedin Newsletter. Turn an engaged audience on LinkedIn into a new newsletter audience. LinkedIn will invite others to subscribe and then email them your articles.

Be bold and use Bold fonts
Brands who listen empathetically and provide value based on learnings win. A real trend in email is large bold fonts. Bold fonts are visually appealing and engaging and allow to pull people in with the meaning of those words.

Write feel-mail
There’s no replacement for being human with your audience in email. That works in every type of business, customers, and marketing team size. When you craft your email think about how your recipients are going to feel when opening your emails. Write feel mails and step away from the heavy sales messaging please.

Behind-the-scenes: Personality, personalization, storytelling.
Today’s consumers want to see behind-the-scenes life. They want to feel like a true part of your story. (not just a person to sell to). 2022 will be about three things for email marketing: Personality, personalization, and storytelling. – Kaleigh Moore

No más, mass mailouts: a fresh take on segmentation
I’ve noticed companies put more thought into how they segment and target their subscribers. A an email marketing trend which will continue to grow in 2022. Smart brands use fresh ways to engage individual customers so emails feel personal and distinctly one-to-one. – Rachael Pilcher.

marketing automation  trends 2022 according experts

Marketing is tricky. Execution rapidly shifts, because of new platforms, algorithms, policies, and that darned consumer behaving behaving different all the time. Luckily, Aiza Domingcil at encharge has the help of 103 experts to explain how to warp time with marketing automation, because with our go-to marketing automation you no longer have to do things manually.

  1. Hyper personalization using funnel-optimized content
    In 2022, focus on funnel-optimized content and use automation to help create a more personalized experience. For marketing funnels, work closely with sales and customer support to spot customer pain points. This will make content targeted and the funnel more customer-oriented.
  2. Omnichannel marketing
    Marketing automation means automated content management all throughout the lifecycle and customer journey. There are thousands of digital meeting with content touchpoints across your digital channels. Each touchpoint is an opportunity to connect with your audience and show them the value you provide.
  3. AI & ML in email, content, and SEO
    Ai has sooo many uses:
    • Copywriters use AI to generate ideas, find better hooks, and pick angles.
    • AI Tools produce and optimize automated content on a large scale, this will be big for brands in 2022.
    • SEO AI tools help you craft top-ranking articles and provide the right keywords. 
    • AI refines business forecasts and predicts consumer behavior all the way to individual level to make accurate content that engages. 
  4. Inter-departmental automation tag-team
    In 2022, we’ll see better sales and marketing alignment. Sales and marketing “tag teams” fulfill the entire customer journey. That only works with the right CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system integration. Layer in lead scoring to align marketing efforts with the sales process. An underrated marketing automation trend in 2022 is combining marketing data and sales data for analysis. 
  5. Conversational marketing and chatbots
    Move over one-way communication, a conversation with customers is possible, and chatbots are helping us do it. Chatbots are meant to start the conversation, answer common questions, and resolve simpler issues fast – once it gets complex a human can take over.

    Chatbots have access to millions of customer data points. They use data to spot repetitive problems and predict causes of issues.
  6. Value-driven retargeting and retention
    No cookies no more. So, marketers need to find creative, new ways to connect with interested people.From 2022 onwards, marketers are expected to use of first-party cookies and data-driven attribution models. Make connections that will keep customers coming back. High-growth brands in 2022 have their first-party data strategies locked and loaded and surpass any less data-prepared competitors.
email marketing trends 2022

Email continues to be one of the most effective channels for ecommerce marketers. Bernard Meyer pushes the “be aware of these”-button on his most important 2022 email marketing trends.

1. Go UGC instead of Me-me-me
This year consider adding more user-generated content (UGC) in your emails. It shows different perspectives and spices up your messages. Readers get an idea of how your products look in real life. User-generated content shows you care about customer satisfaction. Send out an email with customers using your products. This has built-in social proof by showing the experience readers can expect.

2. Put new glasses on your reader’s nose with AR/VR in email
AR and virtual reality are exciting emerging technologies in 2022. Apple supports AR into iPhones and iPads. Users can view AR content directly from the Mail app and other native applications. You could send a basic 2D email that expands into a 3D AR when users click through. Warby Parker, for instance, shows what different glasses would look like on their face.

3. In Inbox Interactivity activity
Interactivity is a shortcut to let your email stand out from the rest of the messages in your subscribers’ inboxes. Polls, surveys, and feedback forms, for instance, flip the script and now users are communicating in the opposite direction to let you know their thoughts. With AMP for email, users can fill these out directly in their email. Also, games.

4. Mobile grows – in size and smarts
About three-quarters of all smartphone owners use their devices to check their inboxes. And not only the percentages grow, also screen sizes (and screen time). In 2022, mobile email design should be a priority, not an afterthought. Because if your emails aren’t optimized for email on the go you are losing a big part of your audience.

5. Hello, Hyper-segmentation and personalization.
We want to slice and dice our list and be real personal. But is the Hype about? It is about being intentionally specific. If a customer typically buys around 6 PM, your best bet is to send them promotional emails at that specific time. The more you personalize emails to the needs of each subscriber, the more likely they are to be interested in your content.

email marketing predictions experts 2022

It’s that time of the year again! Webula asked experts in the email space what they expect email to be like in 2022.

Personalization is now a C-Suite demand.
Brands must be at the forefront of executing on personalization in 2022. Personalization enhances the whole customer journey and solves business challenges the brand faces according to Komal Helyer. It is demanded from the boardroom and email marketing will be an essential cog in its execution.

Open rates, yes things changed to become the same
Open rates will be used just like in the past, but with a larger margin of error.Jeanne Jeanne Jennings says, and I expect that is very likely to happen.  Industry professionals will cooperate and educate to save our industry and the reputation of the marketing profession not be the villain Privacy initiative paints them out to be.

More new email tools are about to be selected

We are going to see more RFPs from brands. That’s because many delayed their software look-around during the height of the pandemic and lockdown. Chris Marriott sees that with contracts to renew, Bronto shutting down, and growth of the CDP market as factors, it is going to busy time in RFP town.  

Email appreciation and value trending upward
Email marketing will be the most valued and appreciated channel, says Kath Pay. This is because it packs an effectiveness-punch. This in turn will mean that more budget will be allocated to email. Consumers appreciate news, content, and offers via email. CDP-like functions in the ESP allow (finally?!) to integrate data. Of which first-party, and zero-party data are ones that email especially shines in. 

Time to commit to social value sentiments – or lose out.
In 2022 brands that target younglings will need to show commitment to diversity and sustainability. Dela Quist points to the customer sentiment survey that shows that beyond purchase intent, younger consumers are drawn to brands because of the social values exhibited by the company.  And are significantly more likely to say that they’ll avoid brands that aren’t ethical or sustainable.

More email marketing trends & experts at the Webula blog about hot potato topics like privacy and open rates, humanization, and…. will we ever get a new normal? 

email design trends 2022

Email has been doing very well last year, but just sending e-blasts doesn’t guarantee impressive numbers. According to Nataly Birch at designmodo, one of the sources for change and inspiration is to follow modern email design trends.

Make your emails Exclusive

This year, you’ll need to make your email designs exclusive. Offering a specific discount won’t be enough. The goal is to make a personal connection and tug those emotional strings. In 2022, take personalized experiences to the next level with personalized content and the right timing to do so.

Trigger emails based on subscriber behavior and preferences and show your appreciation with email marketing strategies like Birthday messages with discounts, Thank You notes, Early Access Invites, Customer Appreciation Emails, and Gift Card Emails.

That also means that other channels like landing pages, checkout forms, and your website should be personalized, individualized, and pre-filled with your client’s data. Your email doesn’t need the name of the subscriber. It does its job perfectly if the content inside speaks to the subscriber.

Grammarly sends an email where everything is here about the user: achievement, productivity level, mastery level, vocabulary analysis, total words checked by Grammarly. And here is the trick: Suggestions to blog posts are based on mistakes that the subscriber has made recently. Depending on account data, the email offers various ways to make the most out of the application.

Artificial Intelligence to counter data scarcity

AI is the trend in email marketing. It already works and will become more important because of privacy concerns and drying up of email open and cookie data. AI can sift through millions of data in no time, correlate data from various sources, forecast subscriber actions, define optimized sending times, clean up email lists, identify warning signs of the future campaign, and most importantly, make predictions and suggest the best strategies to drive engagement and secure high open rates.

Graphic Design Trends in Email Design: Illustrated iconography, neon color, and animated collage techniques.

Email is powerful. Compel users to take action and drag them back into the sales funnel. It tells stories, conveys emotions, sets atmosphere, and brings positive emotions to the subscriber and of course, improves brand image and relationships. To unleash its powers, email marketers capitalize on the design since it is the key to success. So, what trends do you need to follow to make your email design rock in 2022?

  • Muted news magazine-style: A multilayered layout, high-quality photography, typography, and muted palette to bring about a luxury feeling.
  • Put Iconography in the foreground. Forget about minimal, straightforward icons in your design. 2022 is all about illustrated approaches, more intricate and complex scenes, and bright color palettes.
  • Animated collage techniques: Animation has always been a top trend for email design; in 2022, do not overdo it. Be smart with dynamic gifs. Combine static images with dynamic elements to reinforce the overall effect. This will create a fantastic visual depth, and give you control of what to show first to your subscribers.
  • Mix Dark mode and neon colors: 2022 will be wrapped up with dark mode, which means the foreground elements will become brighter and lighter. On top of that, the neon color palette that is relevant to dark mode will become popular again.

Other email marketing trends in this article include Social Proof – Feedback and Reviews, Interactive Experience, Privacy and Email Accessibility.

Marika Zinca from inboxads starts unpacking the top trends of 2022 to make your email newsletter strategy even better.

Tell a story that makes your email newsletters content matter
Every email newsletter you send is a golden opportunity to impress your audience and confirm they should look forward to your next email because what you sent was so insightful, thought-provoking, or helpful.

To add that value, use storytelling elements. The audience is the hero and your product or service is the tool they need to solve their problems. Visual storytelling to appeal to all the visual learners on your subscriber list.

Audience preferences change over time, to solve this problem and gather first-party data, clean up your segmentation and add some granularity. You can do this by including a survey in your email to gauge sentiment, preferences, and needs.

Gen Z engagement
Gen z is about to enter the scene as teenagers, so time for marketers to prepare and cater to their worldview. What do they care about more than others? Mental health, Economic security, and the environment.

Paid email newsletters
In 2022, expect to see more paid email newsletters. Part of your audience is willing to pay a monthly subscription to read newsletters. Native ads in email newsletters and programmatic advertising add to the monetization options.

email marketing trends and best practices

Doug Denisson keeps his ears to the ground. Yes, both of them (maybe alternating?) Understand the latest email marketing trends and how to use them to your advantage. It is the way to a quick ROI and more growth on the horizon. So what are these trends and best practices a grounded ear could have picked up?

Retention is urgently looking for your attention
With new email and online shoppers coming in last year, retaining customers is an important part of the email marketing game for long-lasting business growth. Include reminders, rewards, loyalty schemes and referral and review requests in your retention strategy.

Welcome letter and newsletter, email marketing power players
This double act proves the value of email, from a warm welcome to a cozy “come back for more” consistent newsletter. Quality and relevant content is appreciated. The proof: Believe it or not, people are actually paying for Newsletters with exclusive and original (with real money. 💰)

Personalisation weapons at the ready
Personalised marketing is the ultimate weapon in current advertising strategy. 80% of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that does that personalised experience thing. So 83% of customers will tell you how to create a more personalised experience (through sharing their data)

No offense, but your email marketing could be a tad more empathic
Empathy is the human aspect of marketing. The pandemic and social issues put diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) in the spotlight. And it is showing through in email marketing. Think first. The more personal you try to be, the more likely you may offend. Your customers could be living-breathing-thinking-feeling human beings. Communicate company values, but use inclusive language, and appropriate images.

Email marketing design turns into experience design
Email marketing design trends and features come and go. But the need for a delightful user experience (UX) will always remain in email marketing. So think about the experience. Emails that excite, use images and content that flows from top to bottom and get the click.

eCommerce Personalization Trends in Email and Marketing Automation (2022)

eCommerce personalization trends in email and marketing automation 2022

Tim Moran from Netcore Cloud talks about eCommerce personalization trends happening in email and marketing automation in 2022.

Increasing conversions with 1-to-1 omnichannel experiences
Personalization today doesn’t stop at navigation or search. Marketers today have the tools to deliver real-time recommendations across every stage of the buyer journey.

As personalization becomes more widespread, brands need to pay attention to the personal preferences of their customers and adapt to them. Consumers in 2022 expect companies to deliver personalized digital experiences based on their unique buying behavior, browsing activity, situational data, social data, and so on.

Improve loyalty with hyper-segmentation in email
Most progressive eCommerce brands have now adopted hyper-personalization for their email marketing strategy to stay relevant to their customers. And of course to win their loyalty too. Maximize relevance with email messages centered on cart-based recommendations, vivid imagery, and sending discount coupons on special occasions.

Re-engage users with smarter push notifications
Personalization is the heart and soul of any successful marketing campaign. And that includes browser push notifications. With gathered user data like personal details, past behavioral data, and preferences marketers can craft and display highly relevant notifications that make users feel connected.

The Rise of Personalized Websites
Web personalization gives customers that wow factor. How often do you see a website that’s completely unique to you? Display contextual and relevant info to the user at the right time with personalized websites and pages. Make sure to base it on their behavior and where they are in the customer journey to see increased conversions.

Where do you see email going in the next 5-10 years?

email in next years future marketing

Talk about email marketing trends, what about the state of email in 2032? Webula asked email experts to fire up a few jiggawatt (and their zoom app) showing how the clock ticks in 5 to 10 years.

Email is the marketing channel of choice.
Brands need to understand the importance of owned media. Email databases will be even more important. We will see greater personalization and greater automation, and this will become standard practice. We will also see the ownership of data moving to the consumer. Komal Helyer VP of Marketing, Pure360

If your emails don’t move, your emails are dead.
If you’re using interactive emails, using data, getting loyalty and reviews, and making the email client more like the web experience, that’s the holy grail.  Improve workflow, improve dynamic 1-to-1 approach, data and elements to craft a better email. Randy Levy – Zembula 

The joy of shopping
Email will still be around in 5 years because it’s increasingly important. One of the lessons we learned during the pandemic is how important email is as a channel to maintain communications between brands and customers. Everyone has learned the joy of buying online and getting it delivered. We won’t be going back to the way we were shopping before. Chris Marriott – Email Connect

New tech makes basic email stronger
With new technology coming in, email isn’t going anywhere. People thought Slack and clubhouse were the death of email, but email is just getting stronger. AI and machine learning will become very central to basic activities for marketers, like segmentation, email deliverability, email content, and more. Tejas Pitkar – Netcore Cloud 

Consumers push email to be better
What I see is that marketers aren’t fully using the amazing technology at our fingertips. Consumers are pushing marketers to improve because they have their needs and requirements. Hopefully, in the next few years, email proves itself and becomes more popular. Kath Pay – Holistic Email Marketing

Deals, offers, and content go-to
Email will be more relied upon than ever before by consumers. Email has been that go-to channel for consumers for their deals, offers, content. There are other fantastic channels out there; the majority of them use email to drive back to their channel. If they blossom, an email will still be important to that journey. 

AMP will be something to keep an eye on for email. It can enhance the experience in the inbox if brands widely adopt it in a useful way, not just to sell more products to enhance the experience and journey.

AI for subject lines, content, sending times, and automation has many more legs and growth in the next five years. One area that went quiet was voice and how voice might impact email. We might see this grow within the next 5-10 years.  Jenna Tiffany – Founder Let’s Talk Strategy

Email AI
In the next 5-10 years, there will be a lot of change. The one thing that will be most impactful is the growth of machine learning and AI. We are constantly trying to send the right message, at the right time, to the right person, and the right channel, and AI and machine learning can help us with each of those things. Chad White  Head of Research, Oracle

Look out for reporting, engagement and privacy
Email sticks around because it works. It’s a consistent ROI champion. Three things to look out for in the next five years: Technology and Apple news about tracking pixels causes reporting issues. Consumer engagement and how they [consumers] access email. New regulations for privacy will impact every digital marketing channel. Tom Wozniak Head of Marketing, OPTIZMO

Email Marketing Trends and Automation for next year

We made a new-new, super updated, latest version with all the fresh email marketing trends for 2023. These were some great insights, but be sure to check out what the lastest highlights are of what’s happening right now in email and marketing automation.

Read on for the 2023 future of Email Marketing.