Email marketing and marketing automation software Selection

There are many tools on the market, each offering their own functionality and price tags. Software companies of course haven gotten quite good at selling their software; as a result it has become even more difficult for any marketer to clearly see what the differences are between the available tools.

What is the best solution for your company?

The best email service provider (ESP) can realistically fulfil your short-term needs in terms of budget, functionality and usability, and is ready to keep up with your big-picture ambitions as you grow. Same goes if you are selecting Marketing Automation software, with the addition that it affects even a bigger part of your organisation.

Technology and marketing should go hand in hand. The chosen vendor should fit with your companies’ way of working, it is never only an IT matter.

In too many organizations a so-called RFP selection process ends up being lengthy, possibly even chaotic or frustrating. That is a shame because with a little help, it doesn’t have to be. I believe selecting the right software should be a pleasant – even inspiring – process that is easily followed by a well-managed implementation.

Streamlining the software selection

As the founder of and through the research with the email marketing buyers’ guide. I have the luxury to be involved in multiple selections per year and seeing more supplier details and pricing proposals than the average marketer would see in their entire career.

That rare position means the insight into the landscape and specific vendor capabilities is one of the most up to date in the industry. Possibly I already have the answer to your questions, before you even thought to ask them.

The right software choice can make all the difference.
Take advantage of the vast vendor selection experience and benefit from a defined process help to pinpoint your requirements, create your shortlist, prepare your RFP and select the best solution  for your current and future needs. If you are considering a vendor selection, it only takes a minute to get in touch.