Get an expert review of your email rendering, design and conversions!

Is your email marketing the best it can be? Could clicks and conversions be better? An email marketing audit can highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your email marketing campaigns so you know what is working and what needs to be fixed.

You need someone who can tell you what your email marketing needs to improve. This is where an email marketing audit comes in. An audit of your email newsletter or campaigns based on years of email marketing experience and knowledge.

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How will this email marketing audit help me and my business?

Our email marketing audit offers you the insights to make your openrates, clickrates and – most importantly – your conversions increase. And we show you how these tactics work, specifically in your situation. If there are any problems with your current emails, we will find them and explain exactly how to fix them.

This review shows you how to craft better email messages and gives practical tips to make it happen. Some of the topics you can expect to find in your email newsletter audit:

  • Recommendations in a point by point review of all your emails’ elements
  • Insights into all rendering aspects of your email template
  • Smart optimization strategies for mobile email


  • Key improvement points for the content in your email marketing messages
  • Tips & tricks to optimize your emails for conversion
  • Suggestions for AB split testing

We’ll take a hard look at your email performance potential, email design & coding, your basic email practices, the connection with your website and landing pages and a whole lot more.

Ordering your email marketing review now, provides these benefits

Speed: Accelerates your emailmarketing results, often ready within a week.
Focused. Identifies the areas that need work
Expert Insight: Boosts your email knowledge with the review of an expert practitioner
Complete. Ensures nothing is missed, using a thorough and tested reviewing method


Remember, this report is the result of me personally reviewing your email marketing in-depth. Not a rubber stamped or automated analysis checklist that’ll just give you one thing non-best-practice without looking at the overall picture.

We will spend several hours on your email marketing, finding what’s good, bad and what can be improved. You get an actionable list of improvements in clear language what you should do, why you should do it and how you should do it.

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Your Expert email marketing reviewer

Your email marketing will be reviewed by Jordie van Rijn. He has worked for many top global brands like KLM, AEGON, Unilever and Roche.

An acknowledged email marketing expert with over 10 years of experience as a consultant and coach in the field of email marketing and online conversion optimization.

Why you will love our Review:
Practical Email Marketing Tips
Strategy & tactics explained
Improve your email marketing results