Email Insider summit top tweets day 2

Email Insider summit top tweets day 2

The second day of the email insider summit 2011 was also a gem. I made a compilation of the best tweets, but be sure also to check the best tweets from day one.

Cross channel

@martinlieberman: People engage differently on social and email. Can’t just repeat your content on both channels.

@martinlieberman: Anna Lee: UMG was on MySpace, then it went bust. Had to start over on Facebook. Only thing they could control was email list.

@elmorse New channels, old behaviors. Understanding of human behavior + good user experience = success

@ogilvydigital: Live Nation sees some SMS campaigns converting higher than email campaigns. Worth testing

Crack dealer marketing

@jvanrijn Use the crackdealer model in marketing: Your first hit is free!

@elmorse Think like crack dealer: Use bits of content to get customers into other parts of the company or other content.

@LisaMDick it really was a slippery slope once we started talking about how to market like a crack dealer.

Email to monetize Social media

@joelbook: The key to monetizing Facebook is to convert fans to email subscribers. @crocs thanks new subscribers with a 20% discount. Smart!

@jkrohrs: Amy at Brown Shoe says they see 25% more revenue when consumers are both email subscribers & Facebook fans.

@Crocs Facebook is a brand-building tool, and our emails are all promotional, so they won’t work on Facebook.

@JennMilks: Social media’s a party. Email’s an intimate date. How are u romancing viewers thru the inbox? Let’s talk second screen interactivity!

@LorenMcDonald Don’t assume social media followers will join your list. Direct them to the place where they can sign up.

@LorenMcDonald One of email’s new roles – generating ROI from social media by using SM to grow your email opt-in database

…. and then for something completely different

@idpkbrian Surprising lack of hosiery on the “Buzz to Buyers” panel. Only 50% penetration.

@LorenMcDonald Apparently lack of socks is key to generating buzz – the new social best practice

@CSMarriott How about those White Sox!

@martinlieberman These days, better than the Red Sox. :-(

@idpkbrian Disturbing trend for the Gold Toe guys if it holds. Need more data.

Some food for thought

@chrisbaggott: “If it’s not opened you might as well have not sent it” Arthur middleton hughes

@creatorbase Website and email people… talk at least once a week to increase registration/acquisition results.

[easy button]

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