Email Insider summit summary (day 3)

Email Insider summit summary (day 3)

If you thought day one or day two of the Email Insider Summit were good, you are right. But that doesn’t stand in the way of some more great tweets and insights on day three. So lets see what those top tweets of the day were:

Customer value

@martinlieberman: Email isn’t about ROI, it’s about long-term value. You can easily make $$ off email, but that’s not the point. (via @mostew)

@ktrivunovic Is your effort driving incremental behavior or is is just supporting what someone was going to do anyway?
Driving incremental behavior = critical, but supporting existing behavior helps defend and strengthen consumer – still important #mpeis


@ktrivunovic Email relevance will only get you so far… important to look at the customer experience holistically.
@martinlieberman: Relevance in email marketing is defined as meaning, importance, and timing …
or is it? Can anyone really define ‘relevance?’ #MPEIS
@CTCTCoach seth godin covers that stuff well and I bet would agree relevance is when someone’s upset they DIDNT get your email #MPEIS
@tabsharani: It doesn’t matter how relevant your email is, if you have a less then stellar in-store experience, your dead. #mpeis”


@ryanpphelan Make sure you continually look back at past campaigns to ensure things are still working #mpeis
@kristinhersant: StrongMail: Boils down to planning. DO quarterly email reviews & look at email as part of holistic annual plan. #mpeis
@dtboyd Don’t just stick with regular emails. Send a “wild card” msg at a random time to show you’re paying attention.
@dtboyd Look at your mailing frequency. Learn how to break up heavy frequency with surprises. Throw me a wild card.


@kristinhersant: Merkle: As email and social program needs increase, so does need for content creation. #mpeis
@kristinhersant: Fleck: Social is a wild card. Does that open up the data gates to us as marketers? The 2 worlds can play very well together. #mpeis

Send Names

@mostew: Email Marketer’s – test your sender names along with Subject Lines – Judy Loschen, Epsilon #mpeis
@ogilvydigital Judy Loschen: think about testing sender names to “wake people up”. #mpeis
@martinlieberman: Epsilon says 65% of subscribers open because of the sender name, not the subject line. #MPEIS

Great Quotes

@djwaldow: I love email. I love lamp. That is all. #mpeis
@mostew: “My CEO got an iPhone, suddenly I got budget for an app” #mpeis

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