Day three of the Media Post Email Insider summit 2011 had emailmarketeers talking about content marketing, email security, optimization and the human touch. Let’s take a look at the top tweets. Don’t forget to have a look at day one and day two if you haven’t already.

Own your Content and your media

@juntajoe Are you going to wait for someone to educate your customers, or are you going to be that resource?

@juntajoe Are you going to own or rent your media? Content marketing is about owning

@martinlieberman: A media company makes money off of content. A marketer makes money off the selling of products/services. (via @juntajoe)

@martinlieberman Content is not just an asset you use to fill space. Content is what tells your story.

@chrisbaggott: We need to own our own media channels! @juntajoe

@jkrohrs: The best content marketing isn’t “me, me, me,” it’s “you, you, you.”

@jvanrijn How about: The best content marketing isn’t “me, me, me,” it’s “you, you and us”

@emailrocks: 73% of people prefer to get info in the form of helpful information over an ad/offer (via @juntajoe)

@martinlieberman Content should be centralized, and then distributed through the various channels (email, social, website, etc). (via @juntajoe)

@martinlieberman Hire journalists. They know how to tell stories. (via @juntajoe) #MPEIS

@jkrohrs: Email & Content are the chocolate & peanut butter, the bacon & cheese, the Paul & John of marketing today. cc: @juntajoe

@emailrocks love what @juntajoe is saying: Content strategy must come before selecting channel tactic (email, blog, magazine, etc) #mpeis

@jkrohrs Looking for content marketing budget? Check mktg silos, HR, advertising. You may find $$$ exists, just not aggregated. –@juntajoe

@martinlieberman: Don’t think subscribers. Think readers. (via @juntajoe)

Email Security

@ddayman Email addresses should be as protected as any other data you have for your customers.

@Eloqua: “Social security numbers are protected heavily, but less so email addresses.” @ddayman at #MPEIS

@zrinitychad Have an annual security audit with your Email Service Provide

@phollows Social engineering (of people) defeats security technology; need education, policies.

The art and science of creative email testing

@emailrocks Email content optimization is a game of inches, but every inch counts.

@martinlieberman: Sometimes the simplest change or tweak in your design can make a significant difference.

@thecommunityguy As email marketers we need room to play in the squishy margins between brand rules and tweaking for interaction

@MediaPost: Creative Guidance Can Come From Print, But Content Can’t Just Be Re-Purposed

@LisaMDick Inconclusive test results are still saying something.

@Elmorse discussing metrics + testing drives home how we are all (even creatives) statisticians now. #MPEIS

@idpkbrian “If you never know when you’re wrong, then you’ll never know when you’re right.” Test, test, test.

@martinlieberman: I think @lisamdick just broke my heart: “This isn’t art. It’s commerce.”

@LisaMDick Email creative testing and optimization is NOT art! It’s a matter of determining what sells vs what doesn’t.

@vanillabean45: it’s BOTH! Good commerce is *an* art, but we’ll never see it in a museum.

@martinlieberman: Saying “it’s not art, it’s commerce” kinda goes against @juntajoe’s entire keynote. Commerce needs to be more artful.

@martinlieberman: “Can you suck the soul out of your designers by testing too much?” Good question by @meladorri. Collaboration is key.

@rapleaf You’ll suck out their soul if u start from a soulless position. However, work within branding guidelines for email marketing design.

The human element of emailmarketing

@rapleaf  What do you mean by humanization of email marketing? @LorenMcDonald says “it’s about losing corporate speak.” There’s a personality.

@phollows Going off-topic on a blog is okay. People don’t talk about the same thing day after day after day. (via)

@LorenMcDonald Content is about being memorable and engaging so that when people are ready to buy, they’ll come to you.

@martinlieberman: Think humanization isn’t measurable? Look at the effect on your NEXT email, the one with the discount offer in it. #MPEIS

@phollows: To make a sale, you need to hook someone first. That’s where the human element comes in.

To round it up

@RINO5000: Another amazing Email Insiders Summit…my favorite event…barely making it out alive #mpeis

@lorenmcdonald: Thanks #mpeis gang for putting on the best #emailmarketing event in the industry

@meladorri Thanks to @MediaPost and all the attendees for an amazing conference and a great time! Met a ton of awesome people. #MPEIS

and my personal favorite…

@TheLadyLunches Watching #MPEIS for a client. Who knew email marketing could be so interesting?