I had the pleasure speaking on the Keynote stage at the Festivak Industry Event. Kim Do of Atmost TV interviewed me about the theme of the presentation; Quickly learning from other people’s mistakes to avoid those pitfalls, whilst brisking up your own business success.

That is the perfect cue for with several email marketing tips. Enjoy. You will see, if you ask me for ONE golden dialogue marketing tip, I will always try to sneak in a second one.


Some of the highlights:

Getting the email marketing ball roling

In the video also some advice for getting the email marketing engagement ball rolling and building an audience and email marketing list, even if you don’t have a company or product yet (for instance as a start-up). At the very least, make sure you make the best first impression you can and start allowing people to connect before you launch.

One of the biggest mistakes in email marketing

Especially in B2B you will see some of these large intros by the CEO. He is going on and on about how they opened a new HQ and the freshly painted the walls. Preferably in third person. It is an analogy for all boring and unuseful content. Nobody Cares! Or as Kim says: Yawn! So yes, do apply some self-control and make it about the reader.

The one reason email isn’t outdated at all

Email marketing has been around for about 30 years now. That seems like a long time, but money has been around for hundreds of years and we still love that. Because email marketing is still very effective in bringing in the money, that is all we need to know.

Just stop tweeting

There is a small joke in the interview, but it requires some background-info. Atmost TV has a platform and website called socialmedia.nl and they amongst the most active twitterers in the world. That is mainly how they were able to build up their big audience and following. So when Kim says (around 2:30min) “People don’t have time to read a tweet”, my advice is spot on from a comedic standpoint: “So i’d definitely stop sending tweets if I were you.”

PS 2: If you noticed a trend of me being interviewed by beautiful women about email marketing: you are right: ). Here is a previous webchat with three email marketing tips.