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The email marketing quotes Hall of Fame

Create something memorable and it can inspire many others. In the email marketing quotes Hall of Fame only the worthiest, deepest, truest and soundbite-iest are considered. Read them, share them and most of all Quote them every chance you have.

Feel free to let your own digital marketing efforts be inspired, and tell me if you would like to nominate.


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Social media tools and tactics for email marketing

Email marketing and social media go well together. But where is the catch? If your company is active with email marketing and on social channels, there is an added bonus. You can combine them. But there are quite a few challenges. So how do you combine email and social for your company? […]

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The challenge of integrating marketing channels

I am fascinated by the integration of online and offline marketing campaigns. Just a few years ago a marketing plan was layered by sending messages (tv, direct mail or email) to a person’s home, building brand awareness outside the home on the way to the brick and mortar store, and once he or she steps through the door, move the shopper with in-store advertising to the moment of truth decision of placing the product in the basket or not.

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Email Insider summit top tweets day 2

The second day of the email insider summit 2011 was also a gem. I made a compilation of the best tweets, but be sure also to check the best tweets from day one.
Cross channel
@martinlieberman: People engage differently on social and email. Can’t just repeat your content on both channels.

@martinlieberman: Anna Lee: UMG was on MySpace, then it went bust. Had to start over on Facebook. Only thing they could control was email list. […]

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The day the EEC started following me

Yesterday the EEC (Email Experience Council) started following me on twitter. I am kind of honored and was a bit surprised…

The EEC is one of those organizations that have put a landmark as to how you can group, spread and infuse knowledge on a certain topic. Widely known and respected within the email marketing community. […]

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Sometimes you just want to say…

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