Tease Marketing, Intensity and your email marketing

Email marketing has always been Permission based, but is silently replaced with its brother; Tease Marketing, continuously building on a brand relationship based on mutual interest. The challenge becomes presenting an – already in itself – appealing and attractive message. But how to benchmark your email marketing efforts to fit that new train of thought?

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The Ultimate Marketing Automation statistics overview

The field of Marketing Automation is growing at an astonishing rate. Looking for insight into the current state of Marketing Automation, the market and statistics on adoption and use, I compiled a list of all (useful) available statistics.

Feel free to share some stats […]

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5 Key trends for Tech marketers

It’s good to know to be on top of the trends in the field of online marketing and especially in tech industry where everything is going so fast. Even if you are not in the tech industry it’s good to stay informed. If only to provoke some thoughts and reflect on your own (email) marketing strategy and tactics. released the Tech marketers Handbook with insights from real experts, each in their own specialism. It’s a good read. So what are the Key trends according to the Handbook?

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Brand awareness less important for email marketers

Marketingsherpa holds a survey each year called the Email Marketing Benchmark Report. It results in a 198 paged report filled with emailmarketing statistics. One thing grabbed my attention when I was looking over the report. […]

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