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Lead generation with a heartbeat; the email marketing prospect program of Vodafone

Last year Vodafone Netherlands started with a new email marketing prospecting program. Growing their customer base is a real challenge, seeing the mobile phone market is shrinking. Immediately after launching the email program, they started with Marketing Performance Improvement. Vodafone is also using some innovative list-growth techniques, which are certainly paying off.

Driving email signups

This is the feedback and tips page for "Driving e-mail sign ups", the white paper. [get signedup="1"]Download your copy of the whitepaper here[/get] [get signedup="!1"] Don't have the whitepaper yet? It's a free gift when you sign-up for the emailmonday newsletter. Go and sign up now [/get] Dont forget to come back and post your

Building the E-mail list [phase one]

Monday afternoon the brand new sign-up for my email newsletter page went live. Yes, I will be sending out an email newsletter and yes it was a shame that I didn’t get around to it earlier. And yes all rants about why i didn’t do it earlier and praise for getting around to it CAN be