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Great lead follow up is like giving pie

Everybody loves Pie. And everybody loves a good story we can learn from, so here is my Pie & Learn story. The other day I was working at my home office and was caught by surprise, the doorbell rang. It was my neighbour. The day before I brought her some Plums and she woke up

Email marketing software selectie gids

De Email Marketing Software Buyer’s Guide 2015 – 2016 is het ideale startpunt voor de selectie van Marketing Automation of E-mail marketing software. Met het samenbrengen van meer dan 400 datapunten voor een analyse van functionaliteiten voor small market, midsize en grote organisaties om producten en leveranciers te vergelijken. En de email software te selecteren

Email marketing at AirBnb: Imagine yourself here

Airbnb has been storming the fortress of travel. Matching individual travellers with spare bedrooms and apartments for rent, they might be the embodiment of market disruption and certainly the hottest travel brand in town. I talked with George DiGuido, while he was head of Email Marketing at the global HQ of Airbnb. Today he is

Mother’s Day: E-mail Marketing to make Mom proud

Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something special for your e-mail subscribers. Just because you love them, and their moms, wives and girlfriends. But mother’s day also represents one of the biggest revenue opportunities. Not a bad idea to combine the two and craft a compelling e-mail program this Mother’s Day. Here are