Birthday email whitepaper with examples

Birthday email whitepaper with examples

It is your birthday! Or maybe it isn’t…. Doesn’t really matter, because birthday emails are a marketers best friend. Find out why in this Birthday Email whitepaper, once you sign up for our newsletter. Download your copy of the Birthday Email whitepaper.

Includes lots of examples of actual real life birthday emails. What makes them good or bad. And tips for the active marketer.

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PS: All praise, hate, comments, feedback,tips and of course birthday wishes are welcome in the comments below.

I hope you will enjoy. Stay sharp and be sure to connect if you want to party more!

Greetings, Jordie


About the Author: Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant. Next to helping companies improve their email marketing results he gives email marketing training and is a writer and speaker in the field of online marketing.
  • RobinW

    Hi Jordie, a really great whitepaper! It’s true that a world-class birthday email can increase sales revenue and help build customer loyalty. Birthday emails are an excellent example of highly-effective Event-driven emails.

    It’s good to see that a user of InboxVision’s Free 14-Day Trial has been able to put the email designs to good use by including them within the whitepaper

    Jordie, perhaps we can do a joint article together in the future? or you could become a guest blogger on our InboxVision blog

    • Hi Robin, thanks for the Comment.

      The examples came from everywhere including my personal collection. your – might I say impressive – gallery, and some found in the great archive called “the internet” :) 
      I will shoot you an email about the blogging. 

  • I loved the examples, but the one from Bacardi is more about the brandsbirthday than it is about the birthday of the reader. So what is a reader supposed to do, celebrate that his favorite brand got old? 

    • Brands like bacardi are already quite strong (and their drinks too). 

      Their email is great, It shows that you can make a very nice birthday style design without the use of balloons and candles, but by staying on Brand. And on top of that they had a link to video and re-usable content. 

      I would have liked to get this email on my birthday, or rather a few days before so I could train my bartender / mixing skills :)

    • Well put Miles. But any reason for celebration is a reason to party :) Not all birthday emails are about the birthday of the subscriber. They can also be used (as in the Bacardi example) to share some brand history and story. Which in combination with the right call to action can be very powerful. 

  • Taco

    Great whitepaper! I especially like examples of personalized messages.

    I think companies should make an effort to come up with an original birthday gift / gesture. A 10% off coupon can work but is a bit non-creative. 

    Question really is, if investing in a small incentive gives better results in the end. I would consider doing a more expensive birthdaygift for best 10-20% of clients, and standard gift or discount coupon for rest. And think of this… If you just have the e-mail adress and name, ask persons to give adress to send the small birthday gift. Not to spam their postbox afterwards, but get better database and selections.And a final one… I think for the very best clients, a personalized postcard or letter by snailmail (old style post) can even work better than an a birthday e-mail. Or am I old-fashioned saying that ;)


    Taco (directmarketingtoday blog)

  • (Again) A Happy Birthday, Jordie, ;).

    I love the whitepaper; some great birthday examples you’ve got there. Now I’ve got a mind full of inspiration and new ideas to try out. Do you have any results (or examples) of the different subject lines theu have used?

    • Hi Niels, that IS a good question. 

      I think that especially in event driven emails, there isn’t enough testing. So people might send out a birthday email, but because of the drip nature of it, wouldn’t be sending a lot (at the same time). Many Emailtools don’t have a standard function that allows you to AB test subjectlines in event driven emails. Too bad, because these emails are the gifts that keeps on giving.If you want some inspiration for subjectlines, i’d suggest you check out: and so a search on “birthday”

  • Muellerjenn

    An alternative to “My birthday wish is to wish you a happy birthday,” might be…

    “Tell me yours and I’ll tell you mine”

    Then provide the benefits inside the message, “what’s in it for me.”

    Nice paper on birthday/celebration examples. Thanks Jordie. And happy (belated) birthday!

  • Stig Salling

    Hi. Great whitepaper and examples.

    Does anyone have some data on the percentage of members / subscribers who actually use their birthday offers?

    • Hi Stig,

      Of course the final number will vary greatly, but it safe to say that Birthday email will outperform any standard newsletter by a mile. Here is are three numbers of senders I picked from the Bronto blog:

      Client A: saw a 228% increase in open rates for birthday messages, a 49.7% increase in click rate and a 108% increase in conversion rates when compared to their average message results.

      Client B: Birthday messages are making 14X more revenue than their average message sends.

      Client C: 1,288% increase in RPED (Revenue Per Email Delivered) for the birthday message in comparison to average message sends.

      Hope that gives you an indication.

  • Annette Larsen

    What if you don’t have an offer or anything else to give for your Birthday, what do you then offer?

    • Hi Annette,

      Good question. You could think of creating something to give. Possibly content or ideas to use a product or services or a promotion together with a third party.

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