What happens when you put a lot of emailmarketers, ESPs, some top Brands and a list of other smart people together? You get a bunch of smart things said. I just went back into the archieves, scrolling through the 2011 notes of MPEIS (email marketing) conference and dusting off what was real 11 years ago is holding up. So before retiring it into the forever archieve, I’d thought to bring these back to the front page one last and final time for you to appreciate.

Enjoy ~ Jordie

Great Quotes

@rdeutsch: “There’s no marketing cure for sucking at what you do.” Great line from @mschmulen 

@martinlieberman Use the “Groundhog Day” Theory of Marketing: Learn something new about your customer each time and use it to make them love you. 
@mostew: “Stay grounded. Things are always changing. It will continue to change” – T Bombacino 
@mdavidfavero Made me laugh: Jared Blank says “When you get grief from the top, just respond to CMO that it is ‘Just a Test’
@theemailguide “Just won a prize from StrongMail for admitting that we batch and blast. Not sure what’s worse admitting it or being rewarded for it”
@csmarriott People don’t always want to be marketed to. But as a marketer, you need to be ready for when they do.  

Automation and timing

@kristinhersant “Killing the Launch Button” means moving your programs completely to automation. No more batch and blast!

@kristinhersant “Best in Class brands optimize email by Subscription, Value, Presentation and Trust. 

@martinlieberman Top 3 reasons to people want to receive email: Transaction confirmation; customer service; offers and discounts 

@kristinhersant Your promotions are #3 on the subscribers priority list. Why are you still focused on batch promotions?

@tabsharani Automation brings in $13 per email vs. $.60 per email for batch and blast. #mpeis

@ogilvydigital Ryan Sagan: focus on “right-time” campaigns to maximize ROI. #MPEIS

@ogilvydigital “Right-time” campaigns are triggered/event based. #MPEIS

@kristinhersant It’s not just appropriate for travel. There’s a right time for everything. @rdeutsch

@kristinhersant IHG runs all order confirmations across all brands off of one template. Reduced time to customer by 80%


@retailemailblog: “Mobile is reviving this concept of less is more” with email design. -Len Shneyder 

@DtBoyd: More people (globally) have cell phones than toothbrushes. At least the UN thinks so.

@joelbook: Marketing is becoming “hyper-local” according to @tonybombacino of and email is #1 for local messaging.

Preferences and relationships

@mdavidfavero: Tony Bombacino: How do we evolve from All or Nothing to All or Something? Opt-Down Strategy. #mpeis

@kristinhersant: Life relationships aren’t all or nothing. Email relationships shouldn’t be either. #mpeis

@martinlieberman: Important to give customers more choices. For example, let them “opt down” instead of “opt out.”

@LenShneyder: use every bit of data you can, preferences, demographics, buying behavior, purchasr/non-purchaser, everything.


@ogilvydigital: Justine Jordan: design is about usability more than “pretty” – make your emails usable across devices.

@kristinhersant Interesting… when marketers do channel planning, email is almost completely absent from the process. #mpeis

@MikeBloxham People buy from us, but we don’t sell as much as we used to. Instead, we’re influencing/empowering our customers.

@kristinhersant People use email 1/3 of their working day and it doesn’t drop off around lunch time. 

@martinlieberman Effective list building comes down to good listening: How do your customers want to hear from you? 

@joelbook: Keynoting #MPEIS, Tony Bombacino of restaurant.com, says email is “the digital glue” that connects brands with customers. 100% spot on!

@martinlieberman Think messaging, relationships, and ROI. Not email. Email is simply a means of delivery. (via @MikeBloxham) 

@kristinhersant BabyCenter: Focus on the message… not the acquisition number. 

@kristinhersant The basics of Internet marketing may not be apparent to the rest of your company. Educate internally and be transparent.

@ogilvydigital: Andy Nelson: email works for “special events” where content is ever-changing. Email drives over 40% of traffic. 

@ryanpphelan and on the trays. @emergenc uses it very effectively RT @andrewkordek: they also do acquisition on napkins on the plane 

@ogilvydigital Jeanne Jones: “Send less but bring in more- this year we are sending 7% less email but bringing in 8% more.” Smart. 

@tabsharani Alaska Airlines: Email subscribers spend 4x more than those who have not opted-in…

@ogilvydigital Diana Lawson: use email to impact satisfaction with product beta. Upsell revenues on par with best promos in past. 

@andrewkordek: I love SMS as an acquisition source…its uber easy and people should really consider it 


@JViscarolasaga 1% of people on the social web are contributing their own content, 9% are retweeting, the other 90% are voyers

@csmarriott People don’t share ads. They read and share things that interest them. 

@paololenotti Let’s face it: B2C email is dead, unless it starts interacting seriously with other channels. 

@MikeBloxham We’re social animals, hard-wired to communicate. The only thing that’s changed is the way we do it. 

@kristinhersant Leveraging your greatest advocates is always the best route with email/social integration. 

@kristinhersant Develop a social strategy that’s specific to each outlet. Be sensitive to how consumers use each site. 

Reputation and Deliverability

@andrewkordek having your ESP be in charge of your deliverability only is like the fox watching the henhouse 

@andrewkordek: sorry folks…you CANNOT rely solely on your ESP for email deliverability #mpeis You need to worry about that as well

@martinlieberman Engagement for marketers and ISPs is different. ISPs want to know if someone wants an email in their inbox. 

@martinlieberman Once an ISP starts blocking and monitoring emails, how the ESP reacts is very important to reputation. 

@martinlieberman ISP decisions not arbitrary: “We think something is spam for a reason. It’s because our users have said it’s spam.” 

@bwestnedge Rep drivers are fairly consistent, but ISPs adapt due to changing attack vectors-will publish changes on postmaster pages, however

@martinlieberman Relevance is important to ISPs too. Declaring something a month old as spam won’t be weighted as heavily.