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Customer Lifetime Value Calculation for Email Marketing

“What can I spend to get a new subscriber and what will it bring me?” a question that I often hear when marketers are creating their email marketing plans. The answer lies in knowing what an email subscriber is worth (to you). A customer lifetime value calculation of your subscribers combined with ROI of your email campaigns helps make smarter decisions, improving your marketing strategy. So how can you calculate ROI and the customer lifetime value of an email subscriber?

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Expert tips to increase Email marketing ROI

“Show me the money”, is what we hear these days. Marketers walk around using reporting tools and spreadsheets to measure what works best. Email marketing ROI is a metric that shows how much the Return On your email marketing Investments are. How much money is earned in relation to the money spent. But knowing your ROI isn’t enough. 3 experts give tips for measuring and increasing your email marketing ROI. […]

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