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Why you should not be testing your email newsletter

In life you say “Live and learn”, in email marketing that is rather test and learn. A/B split testing is a proven way to optimize your email marketing.Even though companies know they should be testing and optimizing their email marketing more, they don’t. Sometimes that is for valid reasons, often it is not. […]

Elevator pitch your email testing in all 3 email marketing levels.

Email marketing split testing is a great way to increase your results. Send out different versions of an email and continue use the version that shows the most marketing muscle. Marketers know they should be testing and optimizing their email newsletters, but often they aren’t.

MarketingSherpa reported that 58% of email marketers don’t do any regular testing at all. […]

Running better email marketing split tests

Email marketing split tests are a known best practice method to ensure your email is preforming at maximum capacity. Every email marketer should know the the email testing essentials. But not all A/B split tests are created equal. There is more to it if you want to create true impact, so make your split tests count (to ten ).


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