Mobile Email Strategy: thinking beyond email

mobile email strategyPeople love their blackberry, iphone, android and tablet. With that, the use of mobile email is increasing.  Using smartphones to connect with the trusted inbox.

Statistics say that 15 to 65% of email is opened on a Mobile device. The time has come to harness the power of mobile + email and create a solid mobile email strategy. And that encompasses more than just email….

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Impact of new Gmail design on your email marketing

Google has recently been rolling out a new look for the Gmail webclient. It is a minimalist theme, that is designed to match the new look of the Google services like the recently released Google+.

Techcrunch reported that the Google+ design is  created by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original Macintosh designers.

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The value of email marketing messages

value of email marketingIf every email message you sent would cost 5 euro, quality would go up. At least that’s what you would expect. Email marketers have discussed it before.

Creating excellent email isn’t free or cheap. Getting exceptional results from your email marketing efforts isn’t easy. It takes hard word to create quality and that is quite an investment. But would a higher price per email really improve the value of email marketing messages ? Continue reading »

Some shareable thoughts on shareable email


Is all content interesting enough to share on social media or to forward? In other words, is it sharable? No, of course not.

But a conversation I had with emailrockstars Riaz Kanani and Loren McDonald certainly is. So be sure to share this blogpost.

The conversation about sharable or not started with a small question on Forward to a friend vs Share to social on twitter.. Continue reading »

Using email to promote your Facebook page

Many companies are looking to engage their audience across multiple channels. Using twitter to entice people to sign up for their email newsletter, tv ads to drive traffic to their website, one sales- or promotion channel to promote the other.  Many are adding ‘social buttons’ to their email messages now, calling it an integration ( i don’t agree). But some are sending whole messages focused on introducing other channels. Continue reading »

How many sign-ups do you need?

After a single field sign-up (email address only) for the newsletter of one of the biggest online department stores the Netherlands, I saw something very interesting. Expecting to see a two part sign-up process (asking additional questions) they asked me to add another emailaddress. Continue reading »

The great Hotmail Active Views post

On 15 december 2010 Microsoft announced that they where launching Hotmail Active Views. Active Views is a way to let email run javascript in your hotmail inbox adding a lot of functionality to e-mail. We list all articles about Active Views in this post.


Hotmail introduces interactive email using active views
The official Active views announcement by Microsoft Continue reading »

E-mailmarketing in 60 minuten – the story

Buzz en fuzz rondom het boek E-mailmarketing in 60 minuten Continue reading »

Email Insider 2011 top tweets day 3

Day three of the Media Post Email Insider summit 2011 had emailmarketeers talking about content marketing, email security, optimization and the human touch. Let’s take a look at the top tweets. Don’t forget to have a look at day one and day two if you haven’t already. Continue reading »

Email Insider summit top tweets day 2

The second day of the email insider summit 2011 was also a gem. I made a compilation of the best tweets, but be sure also to check the best tweets from day one.

Cross channel

@martinlieberman: People engage differently on social and email. Can’t just repeat your content on both channels.

@martinlieberman: Anna Lee: UMG was on MySpace, then it went bust. Had to start over on Facebook. Only thing they could control was email list. Continue reading »

Insights from the Email Insider summit 2011

Every year the MediaPost Email Insider Summit is held, one of the most famous email marketing events of the world.

Even if you weren’t there be sure to pick up these great Email marketing oneliners and golden nuggets of experience by some of the attendees. Continue reading »

10+1 ways of growing your emaillist via twitter


One of the biggest challenges in emailmarketing is to grow a quality opt-in emaillist. A lot of companies now have different audiences and across social platforms like FaceBook, Linkedin and Twitter. These can amplify each other and your other channels.

Still only a few use the full potential and turn their occasional contacts into multi-connected media consumers. So lets talk practical: How can we use twitter to promote our email newsletter and get more opt-ins? Continue reading »

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