The essential social media tools for an email marketer


Last time I wrote about Social media tools and tactics for email marketing. In short: the email strategy and tools available to you determine your success in combining Social media with email marketing. So what type of social media functions are available?

Here are some examples of social media functions that are available inside your email marketing tools: Continue reading »

Hit or miss? A practical framework to increase your email Hit Ratio


Do you know the hit/miss ratio of your e-mailings? The better your email program, the higher your HIT ratio is. But what elements have a real impact on email marketing success? Here are three often overlooked tactics increase Audience Match with your messages and get a better email marketing Hit-Ratio. Continue reading »

Social media tools and tactics for email marketing


Email marketing and social media go well together. But where is the catch? If your company is active with email marketing and on social channels, there is an added bonus. You can combine them. But there are quite a few challenges. So how do you combine email and social for your company? Continue reading »

The challenge of integrating marketing channels


As marketeers we should all be fascinated with integrating marketing channels. In this post W. Jeffrey Rice (LinkedIn) zooms in on integrating marketing channels. Jeffrey is the Research Analyst at Marketingsherpa and the lead author of the Marketingsherpa Email Handbook and Benchmark Report.

While a big challenge, can integrating marketing channels bring Justin Bieber to your hometown? Continue reading »

The one golden email marketing rule to live by


We are the start of what is looking to be a great year for email marketing. Online sales from email are up and it is still the channel that is seeing the highest Return on Investment – a perfect reason for companies to increase email marketing efforts and budgets.
Continue reading »

Driving email signups

This is the feedback and tips page for “Driving e-mail sign ups”, the white paper.

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Dont forget to come back and post your own praise, hate, comments, feedback and tips in the comments below!


Building the E-mail list [phase one]

Monday afternoon the brand new sign-up for my email newsletter page went live.

Yes, I will be sending out an email newsletter and yes it was a shame that I didn’t get around to it earlier. And yes all rants about why i didn’t do it earlier and praise for getting around to it CAN be placed in the comments. :)
Continue reading »

The future of Email marketing 2012 edition


Looking back is a good practice in digital marketing. But looking ahead is even more important, if we want to reviewing our email marketing efforts and anticipate for changes in the (near) future.

The last years have been spectacular for email marketers. So let’s see what these marketing thinkers currently have to say about the future of e-mail marketing. Continue reading »

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