The anatomy of an effective email marketing message

What elements make up an effective email marketing message? In email marketing it is all about the interaction of elements. In this post we walk through the anatomy of an effective email marketing message from head(er) to toe. The anatomy of an effective email marketing message A recipient of an email marketing message goes through a number of steps beginning with the descision to open that email (or not). Normally you would look at the overall e-mail message, but it is even better to also look at theindividual elements and the recipient steps they influence. This allows you to optimize those email elements based on fuction and at the same time understand the interaction between them. Let's look at the anatomy of those email marketing messages. From name and from address The recipient will want to know who is sending him that email. There are two elements to that. The ‘ friendly’ from name that displays a name as used in normal world (e.g. John Doe or Company X) and the from address (e.g These elements can both be configured when sending you are sending a marketing email. The subject line The subject line gives some indication on what the email message is about. The subjectline is displayed next to the From name and is the second thing the recipient sees. No wonder the subject line has a huge influence when it comes to opening an email or not and therefore one of the most tested elements of commercial emailings. The pre-header or snippet The pre-header is the first text found in the email message. This pre-header is shown after the subject line in for instance Gmail and inboxes on mobile phones. It acts as an extension to the subject line. If no specific preheader text is used, the first part of the email may right be “click here to see the online version” or the url of an image. Not very stimulating for people to open that email. The envelope The sum of from name, subject line and pre-header can be seen as the envelope of an email ,marketing message. Make sure the envelope is attractive enough and your email has a bigger chance to get opened , read and acted upon. The Header The top part of the email is typically called the header. Extra care should be taken to include recognizable elements like a Logo and the color scheme of the sender, because the header is the first thing a reader will see of the actual email newsletter. The header is also displayed in the preview pane, making it extra important to make it both recognizable and enticing. Navigation bar A navigation bar can be included at the top of an email marketing newsletter. This email navigation bar can include links to the most important parts of the senders’ website, but doesn’t necessarily be a duplicate of the website navigation. Index Especially long and multi-topic newsletters could benefit from including an index of “topics in this newsletter”. It is used to give a quick overview of the items in that newsletter and provide a way to simply navigate to the items of interest. The index can link to the items inside the newsletter itself (automatically scrolling to them) or directly link to a webpage of the topic behind it.

Hit or miss? A practical framework to increase your email Hit Ratio

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Social media tools and tactics for email marketing

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The challenge of integrating marketing channels

I am fascinated by the integration of online and offline marketing campaigns. Just a few years ago a marketing plan was layered by sending messages (tv, direct mail or email) to a person’s home, building brand awareness outside the home on the way to the brick and mortar store, and once he or she steps through the door, move the shopper with in-store advertising to the moment of truth decision of placing the product in the basket or not.

The one golden email marketing rule to live by

We are the start of what is looking to be a great year for email marketing. Online sales from email are up and it is still the channel that is seeing the highest Return on Investment – a perfect reason for companies to increase email marketing efforts and budgets.

Driving email signups

This is the feedback and tips page for “Driving e-mail sign ups”, the white paper.
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Building the E-mail list [phase one]

Monday afternoon the brand new sign-up for my email newsletter page went live.

Yes, I will be sending out an email newsletter and yes it was a shame that I didn’t get around to it earlier. And yes all rants about why i didn’t do it earlier and praise for getting around to it CAN be placed in the comments. :)

The future of Email marketing 2012 edition

Looking back is a good practice in digital marketing. But looking ahead is even more important, if we want to reviewing our email marketing efforts and anticipate for changes in the (near) future.

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5 email testing essentials every marketer should know

Email testing is great because it eliminates guesswork and provides insight into your campaign’s effectiveness.

10% extra sales, 25% extra clickthroughs does that sound good?

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