Mother’s Day: E-mail Marketing to make Mom proud


Mother’s Day is the perfect excuse to do something special for your e-mail subscribers. Just because you love them, and their moms, wives and girlfriends. But mother’s day also represents one of the biggest revenue opportunities.

Not a bad idea to combine the two and craft a compelling e-mail program this Mother’s Day. Here are a few e-mail marketing strategies and tips to Make Mom proud. Continue reading »

Birthday email whitepaper with examples


It is your birthday! Or maybe it isn’t…. Doesn’t really matter, because birthday emails are a marketers best friend. Find out why in this Birthday Email whitepaper, once you sign up for our newsletter.

Includes lots of examples of actual real life birthday emails. What makes them good or bad. And tips for the active marketer.
Continue reading »

Has engagement email marketing finally arrived with open reach?


How engaged are your customers with your brand? This seemingly simple question has puzzled email marketers for some time.

Most marketers have customer engagement listed as one of their top priorities. Engagement might even be the core of their email marketing strategy. But at the same time there is never been a clear definition of what email engagement actually is. Let alone what the most profitable way is to increase it. Continue reading »

The inner workings of the Gmail inbox sorting


When Google first started working on their Priority Inbox, they released a whitepaper on (a part of) the inner workings and sorting in the Gmail client.

As you might know, the priority inbox tries to learn what you think are important messages. Based on those learnings, it puts the most important mail at the top of your Priority Inbox, if you have this enabled. Continue reading »

Great email marketing quotes you can’t help but share right now.


Create something memorable and it can provide inspiration to others. Here are some fantastic email marketing quotes, read them well, philosophise, share and tell me what you think.

Maybe you could even even get some inspiration for your own digital marketing efforts.

  Continue reading »

Boost Customer Loyalty with these five bulletproof Email Marketing tactics


Which marketer wouldn’t want to increase customer loyalty? If your aim is to get more repeat purchases and continued subscriptions you are in good company.
Not surprisingly, 45% or more of email marketers have improving customer loyalty defined as an email marketing goal. This has been consistently so seen in several research reports. Continue reading »

The future of email marketing 2013 edition


What does the future of email marketing look like? Each year around this time, marketers line up to give their view of the future of email marketing. Maybe we need to call it dialogue marketing or even mobile marketing like I heard just the other day?

Taking a look ahead is a great excuse to see what is happening already and what we should be paying attention to. Here are the trends and predictions  about the future of email marketing. Continue reading »

What will email marketing look like in five years? #emailin5years


Every December I type up a blogpost near the end of the year called `future of e-mail marketing`. Some thinking about what is going to happen, keeps you sharp.

A conversation broke out on twitter with the hashtag #emailin5years where several email experts gave their ideas about email, email marketing and where it will be in five years from now. Continue reading »

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