What will email marketing look like in five years? #emailin5years


Every December I type up a blogpost near the end of the year called `future of e-mail marketing`. Some thinking about what is going to happen, keeps you sharp.

A conversation broke out on twitter with the hashtag #emailin5years where several email experts gave their ideas about email, email marketing and where it will be in five years from now. Continue reading »

Elevator pitch your email testing in all 3 email marketing levels.


Email marketing split testing is a great way to increase your results. Send out different versions of an email and continue use the version that shows the most marketing muscle. Marketers know they should be testing and optimizing their email newsletters, but often they aren’t.

MarketingSherpa reported that 58% of email marketers don’t do any regular testing at all. Continue reading »

Effective email marketing: adding focus to your email promotion

effective email marketing and email promotion karate kid

“Focus Daniel-san, Focus!” Mr. Myagi, the wise teacher from the karate kid movies had a great point there. Because without focus, how to create an effective email marketing message that delivers a strong punch?

A problem with many email promotions is the lack of focus. The question: “What do you want me to do?” remains unanswered too often. And that is a shame, because Continue reading »

Email marketing while out of the office


Wouldn’t it be great that your work was done, even if you weren’t in the office? Reality is that most of us will have to grind through a huge pile of emails coming back from vacation (or even when just away for a single day).

But at least we let people know that we are out, by turning on our own (personal) triggered email: the out of office reply.

Now how can we use that for something different, something interesting? Continue reading »

Running an International email marketing program


Running an international email marketing program comes with it’s own challenges. No uniform international audience exists and culture and markets are different once you cross the border. This can mean the content and tone of your email newsletters needs to be adjusted per region.
And there are even more challenges. What to consider in international email marketing? Continue reading »

The comprehensive list of Email marketing No-No’s


The comprehensive list of Email marketing No-No’s. The tactics, antics and (un)written law breaking behavior to avoid. Do you know your email marketing No-No’s?

If you notice any Email marketing No-No’s I missed, let me know! I will continue to update this list so everyone can use it as a reference. Continue reading »

An exercise to improve your email marketing strategy


When I give trainings, I tend to (try and) make people think.

Often I ask the attendants to come up with the one thing that would help him the most in their email marketing. If they come up with it themselves, that question is sure to deliver the most value to them.

Well actually, most often it doesn’t. Continue reading »

Uleash your hidden marketing power with an email marketing review


All senior marketers will tell you, it is wise to review your email marketing periodically. Set time apart to really go through the current processes and email marketing messages. But where to start?

An email marketing audit can highlight the strengths and weaknesses in your email marketing campaigns. As a result you know what needs to be improved and how.
Continue reading »

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