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Lead generation with a heartbeat; the email marketing prospect program of Vodafone

Last year Vodafone Netherlands started with a new email marketing prospecting program. Growing their customer base is a real challenge, seeing the mobile phone market is shrinking.

Immediately after launching the email program, they started with Marketing Performance Improvement.

Vodafone is also using some innovative list-growth techniques, which are certainly paying off. […]

Bryan Eisenberg on email marketing: “Do massive Segmentation and opt out your list”

Bryan Eisenberg was one of keynote speakers at the Fusion Marketing Experience. The event had a very impressive line-up with experts from all parts of digital marketing. Bryan shared his e-mail marketing tips:

With a presentation on the second day about about one of his favorite topics “Always be testing” (also the name of his book). […]

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Driving email signups

This is the feedback and tips page for “Driving e-mail sign ups”, the white paper.
Download your copy of the whitepaper here
Don’t have the whitepaper yet? It’s a free gift when you sign-up for the emailmonday newsletter. Go and sign up now Dont forget to come back and post your own praise, […]

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Building the E-mail list [phase one]

Monday afternoon the brand new sign-up for my email newsletter page went live.

Yes, I will be sending out an email newsletter and yes it was a shame that I didn’t get around to it earlier. And yes all rants about why i didn’t do it earlier and praise for getting around to it CAN be placed in the comments. :)

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Don’t settle for average (email marketing statistics)

Most e-mail marketing tools will easily give you a report of open, click through, bounce rates conversions, etc. But most of the time these numbers are for the entire list that was sent it to. A tricky business, because it doesn’t say anything about the variance between different parts of your list.

Unless you separate statistics in groups, the general outcome can hide the most valuable, actionable, information. […]

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