We have the Future of Email Marketing on tape – 5 inspiring videos

What are the ways to push forward what email designers, marketing industry influencers, digital agency & startup folks can do to with the diversity that email marketing offers? Don’t forget 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation, a huge business driver.

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Dela Quist: We don’t hate Facebook nearly enough

Dela Quist is a well-known name in the international email marketing industry. With controversial views, he makes marketers think and that is always a good thing.

We both presented at the DDMA email summit – June 2014. A great excuse to talk with him about email, social and marketing automation. […]

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Keynote speaker at Email Expo Germany: Europe’s Biggest Email Marketing Event

Jordie van Rijn will be one of the keynote speakers at the Email Expo in Frankfurt on 13th May 2014. The largest european email marketing conference and exhibition of its kind. It is looking to be a spectacular event.

I am excited to be a part of the Email Expo and will be presenting a keynote session. […]

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On the road to Email Marketing success [interview]

I had the pleasure speaking on the Keynote stage at the Festivak Industry Event. Kim Do of Atmost TV interviewed me about the theme of the presentation; Quickly learning from other people’s mistakes to avoid those pitfalls, whilst brisking up your own business success.That is the perfect cue for with several email marketing tips. Enjoy. You will see, if you ask me for ONE golden dialogue marketing tip, I will always try to sneak in a second one. […]

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Bryan Eisenberg on email marketing: “Do massive Segmentation and opt out your list”

Bryan Eisenberg was one of keynote speakers at the Fusion Marketing Experience. The event had a very impressive line-up with experts from all parts of digital marketing. Bryan shared his e-mail marketing tips:

With a presentation on the second day about about one of his favorite topics “Always be testing” (also the name of his book). […]

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How to optimize images in email marketing

During Email Marketing Day at your Desk, organized by Markedu we had a a full day with a lot of sucking up e-mail marketing knowledge. Speakers included Tim Watson, Richard Gibson, Michael Leander, Kelly Lorenz and other smart (Email) marketers. […]

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Email Insider 2011 top tweets day 3

Day three of the Media Post Email Insider summit 2011 had emailmarketeers talking about content marketing, email security, optimization and the human touch. Let’s take a look at the top tweets. Don’t forget to have a look at day one and day two if you haven’t already. […]

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Email Insider summit top tweets day 2

The second day of the email insider summit 2011 was also a gem. I made a compilation of the best tweets, but be sure also to check the best tweets from day one.
Cross channel
@martinlieberman: People engage differently on social and email. Can’t just repeat your content on both channels.

@martinlieberman: Anna Lee: UMG was on MySpace, then it went bust. Had to start over on Facebook. Only thing they could control was email list. […]

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Insights from the Email Insider summit 2011

Every year the MediaPost Email Insider Summit is held, one of the most famous email marketing events of the world.

Even if you weren’t there be sure to pick up these great Email marketing oneliners and golden nuggets of experience by some of the attendees. […]

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Email Insider summit summary (day 3)

If you thought day one or day two of the Email Insider Summit were good, you are right. But that doesn’t stand in the way of some more great tweets and insights on day three. So lets see what those top tweets of the day were: […]

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Insight from the Email Insider Summit (day 2)

On the first day of the Email Insider Summit, we already saw some great tweets and insights coming by. As expected, because what happens if you mix top Brands, a list of ESP’s emailmarketeers and put them together in the snow? The Email Insider Summit. So lets see what where the top tweets of day 2: […]

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Top tweets from the Email Insider Summit

What happens when you put a lot of emailmarketeers, ESPs, some top Brands and a list of  other smart people together? The Email Insider Summit is a three day emailmarketing event with all the bells and whistles. So lets see whats where the top tweets of these days: […]

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