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Gmail Grid View – The Complete overview


Google recently launched an eye-catching field test with Gmail Grid View. It allows for a more visual, “pinterest style” way to experience their inbox.

The Gmail Grid View picks images from within the emails and displays them as tiles directly in their Gmail Promotions Tab. Gmail users can look inside all the mails, without the need to open.

So what do we need to know about this new visual email inbox? Here is an overview of all the posts that matter on the Gmail Grid view. Continue reading »

The ultimate mobile email statistics overview


Mobile email is on the rise, as more and more people check their emails on smartphone or a mobile device like a tablet.

I searched near and far for all (useful) available statistics and compiled the ultimate mobile email statistics overview with insight into the current state of mobile email. Continue reading »

Mobile Email Strategy: thinking beyond email

mobile email strategyPeople love their blackberry, iphone, android and tablet. With that, the use of mobile email is increasing.  Using smartphones to connect with the trusted inbox.

Statistics say that 15 to 65% of email is opened on a Mobile device. The time has come to harness the power of mobile + email and create a solid mobile email strategy. And that encompasses more than just email….

Continue reading »

Impact of new Gmail design on your email marketing

Google has recently been rolling out a new look for the Gmail webclient. It is a minimalist theme, that is designed to match the new look of the Google services like the recently released Google+.

Techcrunch reported that the Google+ design is  created by Andy Hertzfeld, one of the original Macintosh designers.

Continue reading »

The great Hotmail Active Views post

On 15 december 2010 Microsoft announced that they where launching Hotmail Active Views. Active Views is a way to let email run javascript in your hotmail inbox adding a lot of functionality to e-mail. We list all articles about Active Views in this post.


Hotmail introduces interactive email using active views
The official Active views announcement by Microsoft Continue reading »

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