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It is your birthday! Or maybe it isn’t…. Doesn’t really matter, because birthday emails are a marketers best friend. Find out why in this Birthday Email whitepaper, once you sign up for our newsletter.

Includes lots of examples of actual real life birthday emails. What makes them good or bad. And tips for the active marketer.

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PS: All praise, hate, comments, feedback,tips and of course birthday wishes are welcome in the comments below.

I hope you will enjoy. Stay sharp and be sure to connect if you want to party more!

Greetings, Jordie


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  • Stig Salling

    Hi. Great whitepaper and examples.

    Does anyone have some data on the percentage of members / subscribers who actually use their birthday offers?

    • Jordie van Rijn

      Hi Stig,

      Of course the final number will vary greatly, but it safe to say that Birthday email will outperform any standard newsletter by a mile. Here is are three numbers of senders I picked from the Bronto blog:

      Client A: saw a 228% increase in open rates for birthday messages, a 49.7% increase in click rate and a 108% increase in conversion rates when compared to their average message results.

      Client B: Birthday messages are making 14X more revenue than their average message sends.

      Client C: 1,288% increase in RPED (Revenue Per Email Delivered) for the birthday message in comparison to average message sends.

      Hope that gives you an indication.

  • Annette Larsen

    What if you don’t have an offer or anything else to give for your Birthday, what do you then offer?

    • Jordie van Rijn

      Hi Annette,

      Good question. You could think of creating something to give. Possibly content or ideas to use a product or services or a promotion together with a third party.

  • Jordie van Rijn

    Well put Miles. But any reason for celebration is a reason to party :) Not all birthday emails are about the birthday of the subscriber. They can also be used (as in the Bacardi example) to share some brand history and story. Which in combination with the right call to action can be very powerful. 

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